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    AMD Navi RX 3080 $249. Leaks & Rumors.

    The price is probably for just the GPU chip. Factor in the cost of DRAM and other components, the video card will be priced around $450-500. Those RGB LEDs aren't free...
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    Trouble Mapping Network Drives

    use a Group Policy
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    Creative brings '3D' sound to headphones after US$100m R&D

    Aureal 3D with Calibration Routine what's old is new...
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    The Center Channel Conundrum

    Depending on your viewing distance from the TV, you could mount a speaker above the TV(angled down). Or set your receiver/processor to use a Phantom center channel. Or if you aren't using the fireplace(mine is just for looks), place a speaker in front of the hearth.
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    Simplest Administration, Inexpensive UTM With Content Filtering (including HTTPS)

    If you have less than 50 devices, Sophos has a free UTM solution. Otherwise, you're going to have to pay-to-play when it comes to content and application filtering. Checkpoint, Juniper, Sonicwall, Cisco Firepower, Meraki, Sophos, Fortigate, Palo Alto, Untangle firewalls all require...
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    Network help or recommendation

    Consumer routers tend to run too hot with inadequate cooling. Is their ventilation around the unit? Is it hot to touch? Are you on the latest firmware?
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    MS SQL Server 2014 connecting to a remote server via VPN

    What method are you using[trying] currently? You can use SSIS, T-SQL, Linked Server, OLEDB, ODBC or RemoteDesktop directly to the server.
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    Why Microsoft Will Drive Serious Linux Innovation

    MS contributes so that it can control what features are compatible with it's ecosystems. The endgame is probably to release an MS Linux fork which will be certified/supported with Windows and Office/Exchange.
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    Introducing Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

    Since this is a cosmetic variant, a scorpion graphic would have been made more sense.
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    OSI Model?

    If you're just configuring switches and the occasional router, then understanding the layers may not seem important. However, in troubleshooting beyond that or designing an architecture, the knowledge is important. That's the difference between an administrator versus engineer.
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    Apple Refuses To Enable iPhone Emergency Settings That Could Save Lives

    It should not be automatic. The user should be allowed to Disable/Enable the option in their phone to opt-in or out.
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    4K AppleTV with Dolby Vision/HDR10 Seemingly Confirmed by HomePod Code

    They should just make an AppleTV app, like Netflix or PrimeVideo.
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    Creators update start garbage

    In a similar vein, the update corrupted my Start menu. Clicking on Start button and no menu appeared. I had to rebuild it.
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    VPNs Are Now Banned in Russia

    This will probably affect IPsec and Tor, but not SSL VPN. A lot of businesses rely on VPN. It does not make sense to ban all VPN.