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    Changing GPU - Windows 7 Clean Install?

    i had a bad experience going from nvidia to amd on my cousins computer. i used driver sweeper and did a proper uninstall and install. Every game he launched would crash with a blue screen and only a fresh windows install fixed it worth a shot but if you notice games are crashing do a...
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    Official Galaxy Nexus Thread

    any nexus s owners switching to galaxy nexus?
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    Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

    everyone has summed it up already, they make quality items and stand behind their products.
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    CM9 w/ ICS: Is It Coming to Your Phone?

    i hear that, i was getting similar results with gingerbread too before i put CM7 on it. going from that kind of run time to 3/4 of a day wouldnt fly with me either. hopefully they get the bugs worked out in some future releases. i may leave cyanmod completely, i was a bit surprised it used more...
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    CM9 w/ ICS: Is It Coming to Your Phone?

    really? i havent notice that much difference with battery although i have been using it a lot less since i installed it (all around busy) its lasting 12 hours off charge for me so far since ive flashed, but again i am not using it as much as i did a week ago. ive read similar complaints, once...
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    CM9 w/ ICS: Is It Coming to Your Phone?

    im already running cm9 alpha 11 on my nexus s. ICS is goddamn amazing
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    Something isn't right (Corsair H100)

    where is your rad sitting and how are you push/pulling? do you have 4x120mm fans on the h100 or are you using the rv02 180mm fans + the stock corsair fans? im thinking the rad is getting heat soaked or your push/pull is not proper.
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    My GTX 590 is bottlenecking my system

    are you forcing any settings in your nvidia control panel? reset all settings back to default in your control panel if you changed any settings. certain settings can TANK your performance without any visual notice
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    i like turtles
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    Drivers 11.11 will be posted next week

    i can confirm it happens on my nvidia setup aswell. real annoying :mad:
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    Air mouse vs "all surfaces" mouse for HTPC

    i have 3 of these keyboards on 3 different HTPCs. obviously wont work well if you intend to game, but most of my HTPC are just media players/web browsers. works amazing
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    October Nexus Prime rumors

    sorry this may have already been asked but anyone going to upgrade from their nexus s to this phone? im debating, i currently have a nexus s that replaced my nexus one. i almost feel i have to get the prime, but i dont want to get into that fanboyism :eek: the nexus s does everything amazing...
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    Contemplating tri-monitor for BF3 - 2x570 work?

    if you are set on the 570's, get the EVGA 570 GTX 2.5GB. 2 of those should drive that setup well. overclock the 570s and you will be set. thats if you are in a rush, if you can wait, just get the next wave of cards. maybe nvidia will give reference designs more vram
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    Is upgrading from X58/i7 920 to Z68 /2600K worth while?

    i will be running both my 920's into the ground. it would be foolish to upgrade if all you do is gaming. you may see a 5fps difference above 120 fps but who cares? you will never notice it. clock the 920 to 4ghz, and it wont be a bottleneck for a few years still. it will still be powerful...
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    Super Mega VS H80 VS H100 VS Custom Water Cooling - Help! - Can't Decide!

    from someone who has a rv-01 with an h50, let me advise against getting anything with a rad for that case. the ft02 was designed for air cooling, you will heat soak the shit out of your rad in that case. my h50 is mounted at the top exhaust, and ALL the hot air is soaked into the rad from the...