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    Computer boots to Windows, no video signal

    No, I can't see it either. Just the monitor cycling looking for signal.
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    Computer boots to Windows, no video signal

    Last night I turned my system off as normal. Asus Strix x570, R5 something, gigabyte 970 video card. She's been rock solid for months. This morning I get up to remote teach (college professor, remote class day) and the computer boots but the monitor keeps telling me there's no video signal. I...
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    Redoing computer/case layout, need airflow advice

    I currently have a Corsair Carbide Air 540 that I got when they first came out. It's currently housing my old z68 system; the CPU is cooled with a Corsair h100i. For my new build (Asrock TaiChi next week! yay!) I am ditching water cooling and going back to air with a Noctua NH-D15. This leaves...
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    Which X570 to buy ~$200?

    I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a new system this spring. My old z68 based rig has been pretty darn faithful to me, but with USB ports dying off at random and things starting to chug a bit (I do some light FPS and MMO gaming, light video and audio production, some R, some SPSS, some...
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    Huge hand seeks new mouse for hot, accurate action

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a new mouse. Reference point for the discussion: I wear a size 14 wedding ring and am told I have long, skinny fingers. If a 14 ring looks skinny on me, well, you get the mousing conundrum. I have a Corsair Scimitar and have been testing and tweaking it for over a year...
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    Looking for a solid SOHO printer to survive dissertation, home biz, and 2 kids

    Our Epson inkjet just bit the dust, thanks in part to my wife getting ahead of herself and yanking stuck paper out before I could fix the jam. But, I digress. Long story short: I'm a doctoral candidate in dissertation mode, my wife has a small home business with light printing needs, and we...
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    CBS Offers "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 2 Premiere for Free on YouTube

    A woman's clitoris has 8000 distinct nerve endings and still isn't as sensitive as a regressionist's feelings. I didn't enjoy the first season that much, but that's because I felt like it lurched along under its own weight. I like looking for forced messaging and social undercurrents as a way...
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    Australian Research Finds That Opening Loot Boxes Is Equivalent to Gambling

    Try having severe OCD and genetically-based addictive tendencies. I'm not asking the nanny state to step in and save me from the big bad world, but it's hell now with many games because they trigger my condition. I have to walk away from otherwise entertaining content because I don't want to...
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    Scientists Now Know Why Blue Light From Computer Screens Contribute to Blindness

    Yep, this. My research advisor had to beat the word "prove" out of my vocabulary my first year in the program. Studies must be able to be replicated by another team with close to the same results to be really considered strong evidence.
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    Scientists Now Know Why Blue Light From Computer Screens Contribute to Blindness

    That's because research does not prove, it operates in the realm of strongly suggesting. Distribution curves never reach zero on either side of the center point. As for studies saying different next year, check for differences in methodology when that study comes out. Changing one or two...
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    RT-68U wireless bridge kicking the bucket, replace with Athena-EX or EX8000?

    My old Asus AC68U is finally ready to go to the great parts bin in the sky. It just couldn't handle life as a media hub for my office and the issues just kept mounting up regardless of firmware. My house network is powered by an Edgerouter X and a AP-AC-PRO. Super stable and fast! I need a new...
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    Home theater UPS dead, looking for suggestions for new setup

    We got the UPS when we were living in an area that matched what you described. If there was a storm, we were guaranteed a power outage. It became a family member. I like your suggestion and hadn't thought about just replacing the battery. I'll pull the unit tomorrow and check out the model...
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    Home theater UPS dead, looking for suggestions for new setup

    For over a decade, an old APC 1500VA UPS has kept my home theater system up and running during brownouts and blackouts. The battery finally decided it had lived long enough and gave up the ghost. As I've gotten older I've come to the realization that I tend to go a little overboard on these...
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    PC keeps dropping out, have to keep rebooting router to recover

    Hello, all! This is a likely precursor to a second thread here shortly about replacing hardware. My office PC (PC1 in the topology below) cannot seem to stay connected to the internet. As of about 3 or 4 months ago, I will come into my office and find the yellow triangle of frustration on the...
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    HP Supercharges POS for POT

    I used to be absolutely anti-weed. Losing my leg - and almost my marriage due to gabapentin - changed my mind. I have tried every pharmaceutical remedy for phantom pain to no avail; only one thing works. I'd much rather deal with someone who wants a little weed than a raging asshole in nicotine...