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    49” LG NANO85 HDMI 2.1 4K@120Hz IPS TV as monitor?

    I had the Lg nano85. I didn't like it at all. I know it has the new console specs like 4k 120hz, vrr. But, at the moment is not worth it for ps5 owners( I don't own a gaming PC nor Xbox series X). I think the only 120hz is call of duty. And, ps5 does not support vrr at the moment. I will link...
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    nano ips and blacks, is it worse than other ips I had the 49nano85!
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    New Sony XBR X950H

    Hi! I bought the 49nano85. There is something weird with this panel. It is supposed to be an IPS. I understand the IPS glow, but there seem to be a gamma shift in the corners (like VA panel)
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    32" 4K monitor IPS vs VA

    I placed an order for the Lg 32un650 (IPS, 487$ at amazon) a few days ago. For some reason, they delayed the shipping. I decided to cancel and bought the Lg 32un500. I might keep the Lg 32un500 until someone releases a 32" 4k IPS HDMI 2.1 with 60+ Hz for next-gen.
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    32" 4K monitor IPS vs VA

    I bought the Lg 32un500. I have an Lg 32mn500 (IPS). I am not very satisfied with the monitor. My main complaint is the coating, I stopped buying monitors after using my hp w2408h (glossy). Maybe the Samsung 32q50 will offer better screen coating than any monitor. Pros: 4k resolution. Cons...
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    32" 4K monitor IPS vs VA

    I am on the same boat here. Lg 32un650 (2020 model. IPS panel) Lg 32un500 (2020 model. VA panel. DCI-P3 90%. 350nits) Lg 32ul500 (2019 model. VA panel. It seems this one have DCI-P3 95% and 300nits compared to the 2020 model) Lg 32ul750 (2019 model.VA panel. I like this one because it is...
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    New Sony XBR X950H

    I will take a look at it! any idea of the screen coating? thank you!
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    New Sony XBR X950H

    I had the Samsung 55q6fn. It was to big. I want a 40-50" inch tv or monitor with glossy coating. I was interested in this model because it seems to have a glossy coating.
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    New Sony XBR X950H

    I found about this TV a few days ago. They have a 49" version which could be used as a monitor. I know the new lg 49" CX will blow out this TV. But, what I found impressive is the panel coating seems to be glossy! This would be the first flagship monitor with glossy coating below the 55" size. I...
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    Any new GLOSSY monitors on the horizon?

    OP i'm on the same boat here. I want a 1080p display for my Ps4 pro and light Pc use. I had the famous Hp w2448hc for years. Excellent glossy display(24", 1920x1200, Very good stand), only problem it was a TN panel. Then i bought the Dell s2418nx (IPS, bad IPS glow). The dell has a low haze...
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    32" 5K Glossy monitors exist?

    Which monitor?
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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    Hi everyone, i have a question asked in this forum about an crt with HDMI to VGA adapter. Short story Laptop with HDMI an VGA out. Using HDMI to VGA adapter looks better than using the VGA port. If someone can help me out. Here's the link...
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    HDMI to VGA better then VGA

    Hi everyone. For some reason connecting my acer laptop with GTX 940m ( both HDMI and VGA out) with HDMI to VGA adapter looks better and crispier than using the VGA port. I have it connected to a crt sun GDM90W10 (Sony). I was using the VGA port of the laptop to connect the monitor , the image...
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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    Hi everyone, i need some help. I had this Sun GDM-90W10 (16:10) for some time. i want to connect my ps4. The problem is when i try to set the resolution to 1080p goes black and turn a orange indicator(signal out of range) even when i try to set 1080p from my pc.But every other resolutions 1080...
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    Help with some components

    Thanks, i7 would be too mucho? I was trying to get the best I can. But I may compromise some other stuff, but you are right.