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    Suggestions for an external 3.5" enclosure (USB3)

    I've been happy with my Cheap Rosewill enclosure. I have an encrypted 5400 3TB drive in mine, so it's not as fast as it could be, but it is still faster than USB2.0, so I'm satisfied.
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    Crazy high WC temps, what gives?

    I'll echo the flow/block problem. I'm running a 130w i7-920 @3.8 with a GTX480 with a solo triple radiator, and IBT doesn't get my cores above 70C with my fans at 1100 rpm. You have more fans, more radiator, lower thermal CPU, and no GPU in your loop, so you should at least be keeping...
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    Offsite storage server - encrypt the data?

    Would work, but I could never get incremental updates working with a truecrypt volume. If I added/changed one file, I would have to copy over the entire volume, which would suck at 3GB+ container over internet connection. This is assuming he is talking about working on locally encrypted...
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    Expanding my FreeNAS Box

    I'm in the minority for home users, but I went with the LSI 9201-16i. 16 drives, single card, non-RAID. The other 4 drives in my 20 bay enclosure are pulled from onboard SATA.
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    17" gaming laptop choices

    I should get my MSI GT780DXR-446US on Tuesday, I'll give my general impressions when I get it. It has the 3GB of vram, blu-ray burner, 16GB ram, and 2x 750GB drives. I have a SSD that I will be popping in once I verify it all works. I looked at the Precision workstations, but once I got...
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    ZFS Deduplication in Open Indiana

    I had dedup running for a short while on my home lab, quad core xeon, 24GB ram, SSD's for cache and log. It was used for hyper-v storage (Solaris 11 express) It worked great, and had some great dedup ratio's. The main issue is if you take a snapshot, and then come back and try and delete the...
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    PWM fans for case cooling?

    Looking at the Z68XP-UD3P manual, only the CPU PWM header is manageable by the bios (page 56). The default is set to dynamic CPU fan speed based on temperature. The SYS_FAN2 header might be controlled by the same options, but it is not documented anywhere.
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    Network pics thread

    Hit this issue with my ZFS skt 1156 build. I hate having to keep "special" ram that is only usable in one system.
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    SOPA - what is it. Pros? cons?

    This plus the past efforts to make streaming a felony should make everyone call/write/annoy your congressperson to stop trying to mess with things they don't understand. ICE/DHS is already hijacking domains that they can, basically acting as an enforcement arm for RIAA, MPAA, and other large...
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    Disk IO speed is terrible on R710

    I got a little lost on what speed you're complaining about, as it sounds like you are complaining about the 6/iR 30MB/s as well as the 60-70MB/s speeds. From my quick glance it sounds like you need to replace the 6/iR. The 1068e isn't a real powerhouse, although it doesn't have to be to...
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    I used to set up my LACP aggregation. In napp-it you won't see it listed under the interfaces table, but it will be listed underneath the "Your current config" Here are snippets from my config: matt@solaris11box:~$...
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    Windows Server Software Raid... Any good?

    If you lose a drive, you won't lose any data because you have a separate backup of your data, since RAID is not a backup.
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    Where can I get Norco 4020 Hot Swap bay Screws?

    I haven't tried this specific bag, but I have been mixing Norco and Supermicro screws without issue so far. Supermicro part number MCP-410-00005-0N FFS, didn't see OP was 2009. Well if anyone needs 100 screws, I'll keep my...
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    Got my new lab switch - HP V1910-24G (3Com Baseline Plus 2928)

    It definitely supports Jumbo frames, and I can saturate gigabit just fine with it, don't know if that's what you mean by buffer. During ~115MB/s from Windows to Solaris CIFS: Frame 181440: 9014 bytes on wire (72112 bits), 9014 bytes captured (72112 bits)
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    Got my new lab switch - HP V1910-24G (3Com Baseline Plus 2928)

    It was just unexpected. Takes 2 clicks to make a VLAN, about 15 to remove the VLAN and get the ports back to default settings. I've had my V1910 for over a year now, it has been rock solid.