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    FS: Nest Thermostat 2nd Gen - $220 shipped BNIB

    Heat - 450
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    WTB: Kindle Paperwhite

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    WTB: Kindle Paperwhite

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    What used GPU under ~$60?

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    Advice needed on getting consistent 5.1 playback

    The logitechs are probably set to pro logic mode. Switch to a different mode.
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    Original Xbox RCA to HDMI?
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    Receiver for separate TV / Computer speakers

    If you had a higher end receiver, it would be amplified. But honestly, multiple zones on most receivers are difficult to manage. I don't think its for echo cancellation, I think its just for monitoring.
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    HTPC w/ XBMC

    The Pi isn't a good option at all. (I have one and use it for this purpose!) Remember, you still need to provide a USB power source (2A or above ideal), USB WiFi, case, and you might also want a remote (yes, you could use your phone as well). After you add up the parts, you might as well get...
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    Grado sr60e - sr80e or sr80i

    Neither will require a headphone amplifier.
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    Young People Can No Longer Fix Gadgets

    Thats literally every single German car I've come across. When it works - brilliant! When it doesn't - bleh.
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    HTPC w/ XBMC

    Does he have a laptop? Does he have gaming machine? If he has a laptop then the solution is easy - just setup a share and have him using an HDMI cable. If he has a gaming machine - 360, PS3, etc then he can use PS3 Media Server or whatever the name is now.
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    something, like, a microsft intellimouse