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    Playstation Vita Thread

    I preordered the vita, 8gb, uncharted, and lumines. I paid $0 because I used amazon credits I had got from chase cc signup deal :D
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    5850 CF or a single new card...

    Same boat here
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    Battlefield 3: Will you be going SLI, or waiting for the next wave of cards?

    Currently using a 5850, but I want to run ultra settings. I'm not a big fan of ATI, had alot of problems. Would it be a better price to performance ratio to just add a 2nd 5850 or to get 2 560ti? I don't want to have to upgrade for a while.
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    Intel Sandy Bridge 2600K and 2500K Processors @ [H]

    WOW this pc is crazy fast compared to old one, have it running at 4.8ghz with ram at 1833mhz. :D
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    Asrock Z68 Extreme 4 Gen 3 now available

    Not 100% sure but I would think you would have to reinstall. Pumped for this build though, first build in 3 years!!
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    Intel Sandy Bridge 2600K and 2500K Processors @ [H]

    Building my new pc this week on the 2600k see specs in my sig. Should it be a massive difference coming from core2duo? :D
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    Samsung 2TB $85shipped 1T F3 $52

    Passing along from SD. Samsung 2TB SATA2 5400rpm 32MB Hard Drive $85 + FS, Samsung HD103UJ 1 TB $51 + FS, HD103SJ 1 TB spinpoint F3 $52.7 + FS superbiiz has a new 15% off your purchase (max of $15) w/ coupon COLUMBUS15 Use it to get Samsung Spinpoint F4EG HD204UI 2TB SATA2 5400rpm...
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    1W Blue laser for $200

    I cancelled my order after reading this thread, thanks guys.
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    Wicked Lasers Spyder III Arctic 1W Blue Laser *screaming*

    I'm cancelling my order, I've read enough to make me scared to even own the thing.
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    Wicked Lasers Spyder III Arctic 1W Blue Laser *screaming*

    Wtf, I ordered one earlier. WHY DID I ORDER THIS GUYS?? I have no use for it really. :rolleyes::p
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    $2000 Safe for $10 Sams Club

    There was a $2 price mistake on sams a few months ago that actually shipped out.
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    $2000 Safe for $10 Sams Club

    Yeah it was in stock for about 15 minutes, went out of stock after posting sorry guys
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    $2000 Safe for $10 Sams Club

    PRICE MISTAKE: MUST BE A MEMBER TO GET THIS I can't get this because my membership expired but some may go for it. Normal price is $2k+
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    $2000 Safe for $10 Sams Club

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    Dell coupon good on some videocards

    NOOO, I JUST bought a 5850 on Friday :( I would have bought that GTX480!