XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7870 GHz Edition Graphics Card Lucky Draw

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pick me pick me, love XFX cards still using one of their Nvidia GTX260 model right now this would be nice upgrade
Well, If I can't win an Nvidia GeForce card, I'll try my luck at an AMD Radeon.
In for the random lucky pull, and the fact that I haven't had ATi/AMD anything since the 9800GT days..... :(
I'd like to be a serious gamer, then i could actualy play everything maxed.
This is the card i've been waiting for and the right brand.

Never settle! :eek:
count me in!

I would LOVE this card to replace my XFX 5850, and put that into my son's machine to replace his Saphire 4830. :) Definitely Count me in. :) Many thanks for the offer and the chance. (I got the XFX5850 when XFX was offering them through the forum's for 300. Thank you. :) )
I definitely could use an upgrade to my old nVidia GTX250. Also I can use eyefinity for "work"

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