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    Sep 1, 2005
    s it ever okay for a manufacturer's forum to engage in practices contrary to the customer's best interest?
    I ask this question because I own an X470 Gxxing Pxxs motherboard which recently started randomly losing it's video signal, after installing the company's latest published BIOS.
    I made the post after coming across three other users who'd experienced the exact same issue after updating on the same hardware.
    The post to the forum was more about pointing out the symptoms and potential fix, should some one else encounter the issue.
    On initial submitting, the forum posted the message in the normal white text.
    An hour later...on checking to see if any responses had come in, I found they'd changed the text color to blend with surrounding color.
    It was impossible to read...so much so, that it looked like a title and no text.
    I edited the body to a higher contrast font.
    Fifteen minutes later, it was back to 'unreadable' state.
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    Eh, regardless of personal opinions of it, it's going to happen as they aren't going to want people "bashing" their products in their own forums. Best thing to do is cross check it against other non-affiliated forums.