World War 3

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    Sep 24, 2018
    My favorite quote:

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    May 23, 2006
    EA said the same thing about bf5 :D

    they need more maps for sure. theres 3 now and one set to come out end of next month I heard.
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    Sep 13, 2008
    my guess is there will be at minimum 1 map for each region that will be fought over (if you didn't know you can spin the globe on the menu screen :p ).
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    I am going to play other stuff and revisit this next month. I did get it running better. Just need the game to flesh out a bit more.
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    Sep 13, 2008
    developers put out a blog post that explained a lot about what happened with the launch and their plans with patches and what they're doing about cheaters and how to report them.. worth a read if you have the time.

    edit: and my dumb arse forgot to post the link.. lol..
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    Sep 13, 2008
    for those that haven't been keeping track of patches here's the first big update patch 1.1..

    Hey there, after a week of testing on the PTE, we've polished up and fixed most problems we had with the 0.1.1 patch. We've isolated problems with connecting to the game (both menu and matches) and it's much better. If you still have problems connecting, we'll have additional topics with resolutions to them as we find them.

    Patch Notes


    • MGs have wrong ammo caliber displayed in the menu (this does not affect their in-game performance),
    • Weapon customization descriptions still not final & bugged,
    • Sometimes respawning on Warsaw can result in death (press ESC -> Respawn to fix it) - we'll be fixing this tomorrow,
    • Sometimes your profile can reset it's customization - this is a temporary workaround to let people play while we fix corrupting profiles.

    • Reworked pistols to make them more varied & useful,
    • Vepr lowest damage reduced from 9 to 7, tresholds max/min reduced to 35/50 meters. MCS damage increased by 1 per pellet at medium/min thresholds, medium threshold moved to 35 meters to match Vepr,
    • 7.62 Soviet damage curve fixed to properly add medium-range damage,
    • Global sniper rifle damage increase by 20 on all ranges to assure 1-shot headshots,
    • Pistol-caliber ammo velocity increased (used by Pistols and SMGs), drop reduced for pistols (SMGs stayed the same but with higher velocity). SMGs and Pistols were underperforming on open spaces, this change should make them a more viable option,
    • SIG & Vityaz camera shake tweaks. SIG and Vityaz camera shakes were increased to make them feel more powerful (currently the shakes were almost non-existent),
    • SIG accuracy increased, recoil slightly reduced,
    • G38 recoil slightly decreased,
    • Single-fire recoil reduction tweaked to 30%, burst-fire recoil reduction tweaked to 20%,
    • Armor rebalance: All armors had their durability unified to 100 HP (was all over the place), armor absorption values rebalanced to (from HDPE to Steel): 25%/40%/60%/75%,
    • Helmet rebalance: Durability capped at 50 HP (was 100), new helmet absorption from lightest to heaviest: 20%, 35%, 50%,
    • Bullet penetration diversified per caliber & type: Previously all bullets had the same penetration values regardless of caliber (5% HP, 10% FMJ, 20% AP), now penetration varies per weapon class as follows: Pistol calibers stayed the same at 10% FMJ, AP 20%, HP 5%, AR calibers FMJ 20%, AP 40%, HP 10%, Rifle calibers & .338 FMJ 30%, AP 50%, HP 20%, .50 BMG caliber FMJ 50%, AP 75%, HP 25%,
    • New explosion particles for RPG special ammo, now it’s easy to see what kind of warhead did the player use,
    • Friendly fire damage reduction increased from 60% to 80%,

    • Warzone score income doubled,
    • Warzone time limit changed to 40,
    • Warzone score limit changed to 4000,
    • Warzone battle point income rebalance,
    • Soldier respawn time changed from 20 to 15 seconds,
    • Point capture reward from 200 to 400,
    • Leader objective point captured reward from 300 to 800,
    • Leader order followed 75 to 150,
    • Order followed 75 to 100,
    • Squad member spawn on leader 10 to 20,
    • Enemy marked by radar 10 to 20,
    • Squad member objective strike use 100 to 200,
    • Enemy drone disconnected 30 to 50,
    • RCWS assist 30 to 50,
    • Awareness drones limit on battlefield changed from 2 to 3 (uav, jammers etc.),
    • Autonomous drones limit on battlefield changed from 2 to 4 (quadrocopters, leviatans etc.),

    • Added stats in menu for majority of items,
    • Feature: Now after choosing strike, player can see full description and the cost of the strike,
    • New sticky grenade icon,
    • Weapon icon added to kill screen,
    • Players in vehicle are displayed with their relation color,
    • Names of your squadmates are always visible on their marker,

    • Fixed a bug that prevented vehicles from firing after reload,
    • Strike drop flare now changes color depending on relation to the strike owner,
    • New strike particles, now it's easier to detect what kind of artillery is dropping,
    • Default heavy machine gun for every vehicle's driver,
    • Fixed destruction of supply packs by UGV,
    • Fixed Mini UGVs' operational range,
    • Fixed Mini UGVs' handling,
    • Fixed strike masks on Berlin,
    • UGVs' wreckage no longer disappears after destruction,
    • Airstrike’s (Hellfire, Stormbreaker, Mephisto) deal a proper damage upon penetration, vehicles can be destroyed by a direct hit,

    • All turrets rebalanced: adjusted their clip size, reloads, damage per minute and burst damage. The aiming difficulty was also adjusted,
    • Slightly decreased Quadrocopter's speed and acceleration,
    • Slightly increased Mini Drone’s speed and acceleration,
    • Reduced tablet preview time after using UAV Radar,
    • Lowered the spawn height for UGV,
    • Tweaks on grenade amount. Player now have 3 smoke grenades and 2 frag grenades.
    • Tweaks on ammo pack regeneration.

    • Auto changing ammo type when out of ammo,
    • Auto reload weapon after ammo regeneration if weapon was empty,
    • New camera shake in Grenades and C4,
    • Sound indicator after regeneration of gadget [e.g. Ammo Pack],

    • Damage indicator stop rotating after death,
    • Spawning on leader now shouldn't end in falling from the map,
    • Direction of grenade damage indicator fixed,
    • Equip grenade type icon displayed on HUD properly,
    • Quads no longer block other vehicles from spawning (they don't take up a slot anymore),
    • Hopefully fixed getting stuck on connecting to World War 3 Network (please let us know if it helped),
    • Potentially fixed the 'Connecting to WW3 Network' bug related to corrupted profiles,
    • Chosen faction is now properly assigned,
    • Fixed the vehicle camera bug,
    • Possibly fixed map being broken sometimes - please report if this still occurs,
    • Fixed players not being visible in vehicle hatches,
    • Amount of Ammo/Health/Equipment packs are now displayed on HUD in Leviathan / Battle Robot,
    • Additional/offset sights now automatically rotate weapon when targeting,
    • C4 - now you have 3 charges, it deals damage to infantry and vehicle. You can throw it farther and detonate all of them with single use. Also there are new visual effect for them,
    • Invisible ammo in RPG after death fixed,
    • Left hand pose in pistols in wrong position after using gadget,
    • Better material on See Through SAO sight,

    • New post process: eye adaptation to reduce dark places one the maps; black and white balance,
    • New summary screens,
    • Additional visual destruction on Moscow and material fixes,
    • Streaming fixes,
    • Fixed spawn positions on Berlin Large,

    • Vaulting fix (added additional and missing vaults in some areas),
    • Few additional covers on Warsaw and Moscow,
    • Fixed players being able to stand on the dark plane below Warsaw,
    • Unlocked tunnel passage on Warzone small (Warsaw),
    • Bug fixes allowing players to get into higher floors (Warsaw shopping center).
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    sirmonkey1985 [H]ard|DCer of the Month - July 2010

    Sep 13, 2008
    here's the latest patch. which add's team death match (patch .2)

    It's here! We've been hard at work for the last two weeks since 0.1, and we've got some big changes for you this time. This is the first of big content patches we've got planned for the upcoming year. It's been a month already, so it's time for new game mode, new map for it, new weapon, vehicle and uniform among other things. We've fixed a lot of bugs and improved the game a lot during this time, and we hope you have fun.

    Due to progression being back, all progress has been wiped. We will try to do it as little as possible, but it's inevitable during development.

    Patch Notes


    • We're aware of the vehicle flying issue, we know what causes it and we're working on a patch to be pushed ASAP,

    • New gamemode: Team Deathmatch,
    • New map: Warsaw Shopping Mall (TDM only),
    • New weapon: MSBS Bullpup,
    • New vehicle: IFV Boxer,
    • New uniform: Russian Partisan,
    • New vehicle armor: RPG nets for IFV Boxer and IFV Bumerang,
    • New spawn system (TDM only for now!),

    • In-game grenade selector (just like gadget),
    • Backend: Progression system (first pass),
    • Thermal scopes (first pass),
    • Backend: Item unlocking,
    • Backend: Server authentication,
    • First tests of the changing day/night system (TDM map only),

    • Added Thermal scopes: Medium-magnification scopes (Thor SM, MM) and high-magnification (Odin LM),
    • Added a new assault rifle: MSBS-B. It’s chambered in .300 Blackout giving it better damage than other Western rifles but at the cost of much bigger bullet drop, high damage dropoff and strong kick,
    • Vepr nerfed again with increased recoil,
    • Tor damage reduced, making it only slightly more powerful than the G29. However, due to .50 cal’s AP performance it should deal more damage when hitting the enemy directly into the chest plate,
    • Sniper rifles had their bullet velocities lowered (turns out they were bugged and behaved like hitscan weapons), they should be comparable to ARs now,
    • RPGs nerfed: Reduced blast radious on basic warheads, reduced damage and damage falloff on Frag warheads (this should make them used primarily for weakening and injuring enemies over a larger area and not for killing them with a cheap shot),
    • Adjusted the Frag RPG warhead to make it more easily recognizable (it’s brighter, more gray/brown-ish in colour),
    • New prototype weapon muzzle flashes. They should have slightly better performance and look better, please give us feedback wether or not do they hinder your visibility while shooting. If anything will be off we will be tweaking them,
    • New particle effects for Support Strikes: Artillery, Airstrikes, Carpet Bombings, now it's easier to differentiate which one is being used,
    • Fixed splash damage for >25mm caliber rounds, now splash damage decreases properly with the radius of the explosion ( the further from the center of explosion the lesser the damage),
    • You can no longer vault while reloading,
    • Tweaked spawn locations on all maps,
    • Added optimized light to all TPP muzzle flashes,
    • And more,

    • Fixed item names and descriptions on popups,
    • Marking should be fixed now,
    • Radar Equipment for UGV works as intended,
    • Mini UGV does not receive decals from the environment,
    • Lance RC turret smoke grenades' shoot properly,
    • T90 turret hatch attaches properly,
    • Proper destruction meshes for Falcon turret optics,
    • Lower attachments count on certain vehicle armors (Anders, Marder, and T72). It should result in a slight performance boost,
    • Fixeds in left hand position on certain handguards,
    • Fixed broken materials on some emblems,
    • Fixed ammo display in customization,
    • Weapon calibers should now display properly,
    • Fixed animations for Glauberyt SMG,
    • Fixed score for punishing players,
    • Destroyed vehicles no longer appear repairable for repair kits users,
    • Fixed antimeterial rifles dealing massive damage to vehicle turrets,
    • Fixed a bug where after first login items were unlocked,
    • Fixed a bug with resetting customization,
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes unlocked items couldn't be equipped,
    • Various chat fixes,
    • Fixed an issue that prevented CPU Performance Boost from being disabled,
    • Fixed assist for marking not working,
    • And more,

    • Reworked muzzle particles to reduce FPS drops when firing,
    • New impact particles,
    • Lowered attachment count on certain vehicle armors,
    • Level streaming improvements,
    • Collision optimizations,
    • Continuous optimization effort on all fronts,

    • Changed "Performance Boost" to "CPU Performance Boost" to better reflect what it's for,
    • Tweaked RPG explosion,
    • Flash hiders are now functional,
    • Added chat window to summary screens,
    • Adjusted blast radii for >25mm rounds to the fixed splash damage values,
    • Anti-Tank mines damage reduced to 600, now 2 mines are required to destroy a vehicle,
    • Improved UGV durability against RPG projectiles: 1 Tandem or 2 Single Stage are enough to destroy a UGV,
    • Reduced smoke grenades uses from 5 to 2,
    • Reduced ricochet chance on >25mm projectiles,
    • TDM summary screen map display name,
    • Reworked armor pricing and masses,
    • Changed P: to L: since we're showing latency to the server, not straight ping,
    • Tweaks to thermal vision postprocess,
    • Menu thumbnails updated,
    • Various animation tweaks (idles, reloads),
    • Matchmaking improvements,
    • Many more minor tweaks and improvements.
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    sirmonkey1985 [H]ard|DCer of the Month - July 2010

    Sep 13, 2008
    road map has been posted. some pretty interesting stuff getting added down the road.

    this is what they want to have before they decide to do an official release of the game.

    9 MAPS
    40+ WEAPONS
    30+ STRIKES
    16 OUTFITS
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    Jun 19, 2009
    So how is this game now? Currently on sale on Steam. Is there an active player base; how many people play daily? Is it still very WIP and buggy?
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  10. sirmonkey1985

    sirmonkey1985 [H]ard|DCer of the Month - July 2010

    Sep 13, 2008
    haven't really had time to play in a couple weeks, late night NA it's kinda dead which sucks for me since i work grave yard 5 days out of the week so playing on my days off doesn't get to happen much.
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    May 20, 2019
  12. sirmonkey1985

    sirmonkey1985 [H]ard|DCer of the Month - July 2010

    Sep 13, 2008
    yeah latest patch is pretty nice, game runs way better. hopefully the numbers keep picking up.
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    Nov 18, 2008
    makes me think of game
    was promised sun moon and stars, interesting sandbox style for play wise, but alas, another where dev/publisher promise much more than actually deliverable at time ( for my cup of taste anyways)

    Then there are the BF titles "fully destructible" my ass ..

    Interesting, possibly, however until on the shelf (real world) all the teasers and shit be damned, look at Star Citizen as perfect example of such stuff, tease tease tease just to get more $$$$$$$$$$$$$ to piss away.

    Like the first pic thought of the Armada or might be a T82 or some crud (like the alien looking turret/glasis
  14. sirmonkey1985

    sirmonkey1985 [H]ard|DCer of the Month - July 2010

    Sep 13, 2008

    i don't think these developers fall under that, they just got super unlucky that when they launched the game there was a bug in their network code that kept the game from connecting to any of the servers which took them a few days to figure out and they just haven't really recovered after that which is sad because it's a really good game.
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    Reh7x n00b

    May 20, 2019
    im not sure if im allowed to post links here (sry if not) but these are last reviews from official ww3 site:

    checked the game out - well, now its awesome (but still many things should be done), runs much smoother, 2 new maps are pretty good! No crashes yet (had like 1 crash every 1h not so long ago)

    so do you believe in its success now?
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  16. Manny Calavera

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    Jun 10, 2004
    Tried it,have to admit I had had a good time. Not a big MP fan but they have polished it up quite a bit.
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  17. Gabe3

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    May 23, 2006
    I'm gonna try this again. I liked it at first but it didnt hold my attention due to so many issues.

    the bf fully destructible part kinda ruins part of the game I like. for example at e on arras in bfv. the whole cap zone turns into a wide open area if the planes bomb it alot. which for me ruins the fun of that area and look. I love the combat in buildings there, camping the stairs or shooting from windows is fun. and I dont see a problem with camping as long as its done within the flag cap area. I wish the buildings were bigger and more detailed. its part of the game thats missing. I know making the buildings destructible keeps people from camping. but instead of destroying the building. make explosives do more damage to people inside the building. I mean they would anyway IRL because of shrapnel.
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    Jun 13, 2003
    Destructable environments have been a huge part of Battlefield for the last decade, and have been notably missing from competing franchises.

    I get that those that take a tactical perspective have to respond to said destruction and that changes in environment can be frustrating, but it's part of that type of game.

    And I should also take another look at World War 3...
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    Jun 19, 2009
    It certainly is looking better but the player base still looks tiny. Averaging a few hundred? Not good. I can't understand why they launched in early access. I suppose they couldn't secure money any other way. From the looks of it this game should've released Q4 2019.
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    Jun 13, 2003
    Catch-22 for a small developer it looks like to me. Given the appropriate context, doing various developmental pre-releases can likely accelerate development. So long as they don't go full Star Citizen, of course!
  21. sirmonkey1985

    sirmonkey1985 [H]ard|DCer of the Month - July 2010

    Sep 13, 2008
    yeah like i said earlier the launch issues really hurt them bad. but there were other performance issues with the engine on top of that which limited a lot of people from not being able to play with mid/low end systems. most of that has been ironed out so hopefully people start coming back to the game.
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    sirmonkey1985 [H]ard|DCer of the Month - July 2010

    Sep 13, 2008
    for those of you that may of been on the fence paying money for an early access game there's going to be a free weekend from June 20th to June 23rd. they just did another big update this week as well.

    Update 0.6.5 Free Weekend Patch Notes

    • New Vehicle - Commando 4x4,
    • New Weapon - M417,
    • New Grenade - Impact,
    • New soldier camos - Winter, Winter Digital, Uraghan, Woodland, Camogrom LE, Olive, Disruptive Pattern, Flectarn, Shadow, ICU, Partizan Spectre,
    • French uniform added,
    • Packs with resources are now spawned in special places on maps,
    • Decreased the penetration values across the board - values are now much closer to real life,
    • Dropped weapons are now visible for 90 seconds,
    • Tweaked the UAV timings,
    • Added an option to enable and disable GPU Buffering - it should improve GPU performance up to 30% with the cost of tiny input lag,
    • Default vehicles on Polyarny now have winter camo,
    • More battlepoints for destroying vehicles with Airstrike,
    • Interaction with other players is now based on collision with body, not only marker - you can request anything just by targeting collider of the player,
    • New default settings for marker colors and other,
    • Multiple HUD clarity improvements,
    • Drones and Air Strikes balance improvement,
    • "Fog Enabled" option replaced with "Volumetric Fog" changing between better quality and performance,
    • Disable muzzle flash fire when silencer is on,
    • Improved world-space icons visibility (shadow added under icons and texts),
    • Improved loading screens,
    • Free look camera in Heli Combat Drone will now keep body pitch rotation,
    • Better vaulting over Destroy Packs,
    • Removed marker of a vehicle while driving as a passenger,
    • Separated headshot and killing headshot marker color,
    • Mouse scroll in vehicles changes ammo,
    • All ally soldiers icons are now visible throughout the level (same way as squad icons),
    • Giftcodes system added,
    • Bullets penetration tweaks,
    • Better player suppressors,
    • Better collisions of dropped weapons,
    • Fixed not working lasers,
    • Longer visibility of marked soldiers,
    • Better player suppression sounds,
    • Tweaks to vehicle movement speeds and overall handling,
    • 4 configs are now visible per page in the menu,
    • New West and East default configs,
    • Fixed a configuration bug that lead to some players being unable to connect to the game,
    • Sounds bugfixes,
    • Fixed problem with passing damage to vehicle - you should no longer be able to destroy vehicles by shooting damaged RCWS,
    • Level streaming and soldier falling under map bugfixes,
    • Fixed how long the minimap was available after calling in UAV,
    • Fixes for muzzle positions,
    • Fixed crash reporter not working,
    • OTV crash fix,
    • Updated item stats for airstrikes,
    • Multiple vault fixes,
    • Minor fixes for loading screen scaling,
    • Fixed MCS reload issue,
    • Fixed markers flickering when marked with instant and impulse UAVs at the same time,
    • Fixed Berlin B2 not being capturable from within the Mobile Spawn Point,
    • Fixed language selection on welcome wizard,
    • Welcome wizard now waits for server confirmation before letting you proceed (fixes getting stuck in the wizard),
    • Multiple crash fixes, including server crashes,
    • Hundreds of small texture, collision and other fixes,
    • Changes to strike naming for more clarity (for example: Loitering Ammo is now called Suicide Drone).
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