Win 7 Or Win 10?

Discussion in 'PC Gaming & Hardware' started by The-Tmann, Dec 14, 2016.

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    Mar 23, 2013
    I have always turned off UAC on my PC's because I'm not a total idiot and know how not to f$%# up my computers. That being said, for some odd reason whether it's a random Windows Update, Microsoft Security Essentials, or just a fluke, my current main rig installation will not allow me to turn it off and keep it off. After a reboot, it resets itself to the lowest setting while still being on. It's annoying because I don't always think about it so I'll go to do something simple like look at the properties of a file located on my server and a UAC window will pop up warning me these files may be dangerous. WTF!?

    On a side note, Windows 7 until I can't survive in todays world any longer. Tried Windows 10 on a spare quad core machine I had and while performance was fine, the general feel of the Metro UI left a lot to be desired. That combined with the fact that they keep relocating simple settings or options makes it an annoying thing to even bother to learn a new OS when Windows 7 works like greased lightning.
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    If you want to claim your own PC as your own PC, then you DO NOT install Windows 10.


    Coincidentally I gave it another shot last night (5th time since launch) for the sake of a particular VR Virtual Desktop application with my brother. That was cool, but...

    ...then the next day I woke up expecting to use my PC for work. Oh dear... does not develop in Windows 10! It's harrowing! :eek:
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    Nov 22, 2010
    Which is my point. 99% of the people outside of hardforum are just going to press yes without looking at it. whats the point.
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    Have you changed anything in
    secpol.msc>Local Policies>Security Settings>User Account Control
    and the reg keys if that helps
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    Nov 5, 2005
    I have been using VR Virtual Desktop also, very cool indeed. It's ironic that you say that one does not develop in Windows 10 considering that this app was probably developed in Windows 10. I've had no problems with Visual Studio, SQL Server or Eclipse with Windows 10. Whatever problems some report about 10 they clearly are universal.
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    I have had 0 issues with Windows 10. My rig runs smooth as butter. Everything just works. I 'get it' that some people have crazy configs. I have a 6700k, 1080gtx ram and blah blah blah. Everything just works and my shit is fast on a 600p 256gb m2 nvme ssd.

    To each his own right? Run Windows 7 all day long. I just feel that Windows 10 supports hardware faster/quicker with more robust software that utilizes the hardware better.. Who knows about that though. Could be talking straight outta my ass/Compton on that. Go Windows 10 :)
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    so... regarding the big brother bullshit they added into Win 10 - is it still there? it still auto-updates and sends out use information?

    if so, I'm about to reinstall 7 on my two machines
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    Of course it does. You think MS wants to give users the option of turning off their spyware/bloatware/virus?!