Why do you buy Apple products?

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I buy Apple...

Because they pay so much attention to detail that it appeals to the perfectionist in me. It's how I think about the software that I write, so there's a certain amount of harmony there. They aren't perfect, by a long shot, but there's little things here and there that make me chuckle, because they're the kind of thing I'd do.

(And then they go and ruin a perfectly good thing, like gobbling up Spaces & Expose from Snow Leopard, digesting all the good parts, and excreting what's left of it into Mission Control in Lion... facepalm)

Because they go through a dozen prototypes before settling on the final product, instead of pushing every possible iteration out to the public and muddying up the marketplace (*cough* Samsung, Archos)

Because they back up their products with exceptional customer service

Because sometimes I just want my shit to work, and not have to fiddle around and unplug the ATX cable and replug it to get my motherboard to turn on. Yeah, I know, it's time to replace the motherboard, and I'll get around to that eventually. But I get enough fiddling, unplugging, replugging, and fixing shit at work. Sometimes I don't have the patience to play Tetris with my PC components.

Hell, I've still got an Apple IIGS that is working perfectly after all these years.

Basically, I have healthy doses of Apple and everything else, each for perfectly valid reasons. I get a lot of shit from my friends. Some of it deserved, mind you. But they call me an Apple fanboy, which really amuses me. Despite how much time and money I've spent on my PC hobby all my life, I buy an Apple product and all of a sudden, fanboy. Oh, if they'd only hear the eloquent curses I lob in Apple's general direction sometimes. I'm not a psychologist, and I'm probably going to hate myself in the morning for sounding like a stuck up snob like this...but I'm guessing they project such a negative label onto me because, deep down inside, they're jealous of technology that actually works well, and they want to feel better about not buying it.

I got one of those same friends to buy himself an iPhone 4S. He claims to hate it and hate himself for buying it because it is the devil's work. But he sure does use iMessage to talk to me a lot--internationally--and threatened me once for thinking seriously about jumping ship to Android. :p
I buy apple...
For an easy out of the box setup
For great battery life
For great touchpads
For great quality
I resisted everything Apple for a long time and honestly hated the iPods when they came out(still hate hate hate itunes though). To me they were, and honestly still are, overpriced items all the iSheep have to own.

That being said I have owned 3 Apple products. I was given a 5th gen 16gb Nano to go with the Alpine head unit I was given. A 2nd gen 8gb Nano, got tired of taking the 16gb one out of my truck for personal use and most the time I'd forget to put it back in the truck when done.

Those 2 for me were more need then want. The head unit was USB or iPod only so CDs were out and I rarely like anything that comes on the radio.

I currently have a iPhone 3gs 8gb(jail broken AT&T model to be used with my no contract Straight Talk plan) So far I love it. I was far easier to jail brake then my Kindle was, out of all the apps I want more then 95% of them were designed for iProducts and not ported to Android(only one I'd like is the Firefox app, but I can go with out that one)

I've been researching tablets and after using the iPhone I'm fairly sure that I'll be getting a iPad simply because the iProducts are simple to use, simple to upkeep and simple to mod.

I really think my wife sumed it up the other day "People buy Apple because they don't want the hassle of other products, this is why there is such a high price tag for stuff that has lower specs. their stuff works as well as a better spec'ed item because they are built to be matched to the specs they are built to."
Great customer service.
One cook in the kitchen.
Don't have time to fiddle with mobile devices, I use a lot of PCs (mainly windows).
Ecosystem and resale value.
I buy iPhone because of the easy to use interface. Plus, it's hard to use any other phone when you have one for so long. And iTunes is a great way to organize music
Great customer service.
One cook in the kitchen.
Don't have time to fiddle with mobile devices, I use a lot of PCs (mainly windows).
Ecosystem and resale value.

My thoughts exactly. I started with Android and couldn't stand it.
Here's another reason I'll continue to buy Apple...

I had a problem "mapping drives" to my Window Home Server. Something got screwed up pretty good because nothing I tried would work the way it was supposed to. I decided to re-install Mountain Lion and take everything back to the basics and start over. I backed-up all of my data (about 25 minuets total), re-installed the OS... twice, because I forgot to erase the disk, and am back up and running with all my e-mail (Thunderbird), and bookmarks/extensions/etc... (Firefox), and it only took me about one an a half hours total to do all that. I even have my printer installed, along with Libre Office and a few other miscellaneous programs. With Windows it would have easily taken me 3 hours to do all that.

I was on the phone today with Apple to find out how to re-install my OS if need be. The support tech asked me how I liked my rMBP so far. I told her that I loved it, and don't even refer to my old laptop (a Dell Studio 1735) as mine anymore. It's now just "the Dell" or "that laptop".

I'm glad I made the leap and came to the Mac/OSX platform. Now all I have to do is get one for my wife and son (because they are a bit jealous, and to make my damn life a whole lot easier!). I never used to understand the loyalty of Mac users, and only haveone thing to say about it now...

Apple isn't leading in customer service and quality for no reason. Their products are great quality and work right out of the box while being so simple to use them. Although they are a little pricier, you are buying amazing quality and customer support, which is very hard to come by with any other company.
I've had Windows PCs for years ever since the old Pentium MMX days. Custom-built gaming rigs and store-bought machines in that mix. Also had 3 Macs in that time, two PPC-based and now two Intel-based. The funny part is, I used to HATE Macs. But as I got older, I stopped with the petty BS. In the mobile device field, I've seen a pretty big chunk of that as well. Everything from cruddy dumbphones to BlackBerrys, Windows Mobile (Old OS not the new one), webOS, Android (up to ICS), and now iOS.

I like the build quality of the hardware and the ecosystem that they've built around their devices. While the platform may be pretty closed off, it still makes for a solid experience. I dual boot my iMac to play the games I can't play in OS X, which isn't much now that Steam is around. I have an Apple TV that I can stream stuff to when I feel like with the AirPlay Mirroring feature (the BEST thing about ML hands down). My wife has an MBA that she adjusted to quite quickly along with her own iPhone.

Making the switch over the summer was a fairly painless process. Especially because their refurbs are so good. I never expected to see refurbs that are basically brand new machines. Makes it seem like if you pay for the new machines, you're only paying a premium for the box with pictures on it.

On the customer support note, I haven't had to use them yet. Could be more from being in the IT field than anything else, but we haven't had a single problem with our machines or devices yet. I think that says something. I can't say the same for computers I bought or have worked on from Dell or HP.

EDIT: I would like to say though, Apple should stay away from making routers and mice. Let Netgear/Linksys/D-Link with some DD-WRT in the mix handle the network shit. And the mice...I just don't know if they can go any further from the word "ergonomic" than they have been. Of all the things to screw up no less...
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On the customer support note, I haven't had to use them yet. Could be more from being in the IT field than anything else, but we haven't had a single problem with our machines or devices yet. I think that says something. I can't say the same for computers I bought or have worked on from Dell or HP.

This was my experience up until last month. The logic board in my early 2011 MBP decided to randomly die. I'd never had a problem with anything before this. Anyhow, it annoyed me because this occurred three weeks after my 1 year warranty was up. Thank goodness I decided to get Apple Care. Honestly, I debated about not getting the AC as I thought it was a waste of money.

Took the machine into the store and the technician was a bit of a dick. Then the first store manager gave me the whole "we'll do what we can, but expect to wait 5-7 days." The second store manager -- a lovely female -- got on the ball with it and had the repair done in less than 24 hours. I got my satisfaction, but there was time wasted.
I've had good experience with Apple support.

I had bought a base model MBPr about a month ago. The bottom panel creaked so I stopped into the Apple Store to have them take a look. They outright offered to replace it, but they unfortunately didn't have the base model in stock anymore. They called every local store and found one a few miles away with it in stock.

They offered to have them hold it for me or they offered me the next-higher model and said they would meet me in the middle of the price difference.

What other company would do such a thing?

I left happy and confident that if I ever needed help again I would be covered. For once in my life I am honestly considering picking up an extended warranty -- simply because I know there will not be any horseshit involved.
I'm 42 years old and have been an I.T. guy my whole adult like so I was always a die hard MS OS person. I hated Mac's even though I had no experience with them other than in in Grade School. My wife on the other hand has always been an Apple person but she never had one since I have known her (she had one for work, but not at home).

Last year for my wife's 40th birthday I bought her an Ipad. She loved it, I thought it was ok despite being an Apple product. She then got an iphone. I got to the point where I could appreciate the Iphone and Ipad, they worked well and have always been stable. I still had no desire to try a Mac though.

About two weeks before Easter this year I was walking around BestBuy on my lunch break just looking around and killing time and a laptop caught my eye. It turned out to be the MBA 13. Despite being a Mac I went home and told my wife "I just saw the nicest laptop I have ever seen, the MBA". She was like "I told you they make nice computers". On Good Friday my wife and I had the day off and we decided to go to BestBuy to look at the MBA together and we ended up buying it, shockingly with my encouragement.

After spending time using her MBA on a regular basis I have since fallen in love with Macs. I love the OS and the build quality is incredible compared to HP, Dell and Lenovo. I want to get a MBP or iMac for myself but I can't justify it right now. I just upgraded my gaming pc (in sig) this summer plus I have a Lenovo X220 as my work laptop that I always have with me. I am going to try to convince my boss to let me get a MBA or MBP and run BootCamp with Win7. I figure it' worth a shot, 50/50 chance of him saying yes but you never know.

After getting to use the Ipad, Iphone and MBA a lot this year I am definitely a convert. I think the build quality is top notch and the OS's seem very stable thus worth the money IMO.

Two things I would like to see though is an iMac with SSD (looking at the Apple store I think the only drive upgrade option was the Fushion drive) and I wish they offered either the MBA or MBP with a 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 resolution. It seems like you either get a Retina display model or a 1400x900 or below. Even a 1600x900 or 1680x1050 would be a nice option.
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Apple products have long since reached the point that they are now synonymous with general usage. If you mention things like smarthphone, tablet and music player to most people, they will think of Apple. Apple has also made sure their proprietary protocols are used in everything from tv's, receivers, cars, accessories etc. When someone announces they have an 'app', they mean iOS.

I don't agree or condone this approach, and personally I prefer Android because I can do more with it. But I acknowledge that iProducts are perhaps more suitable for most people, and when I need to recommend something to non-tech friends and family, I tell them to use an iPhone/iPad, if they can afford it. If someone is willing to tinker more, I will happily show them my phone and let them make a decision. Actually these days I'm leaning more towards WP8 as an entry level phone as well.

People are very afraid of technology and Android can still be quite daunting.
I buy Apple products because I like them, they work very well and customer/tech support is unmatched.

Android is okay. I spent a few years with it, but grew bored with tinkering, modding, trying different ROMs, stability problems and poor battery life. I like what I've seen with WP8, though not so much with the phones; too big, bulky for my tastes. I prefer a compact device for my phone. I hope WP survives and improves. Competition makes everything better.
I buy Apple products because it is my job to. As a ACSP and former ACPT (i gotta renew that shit. damn.), I buy Apple products because my user base does.

Also because they're like any other "high-end" product. Like higher end HPs or Dells, or Lenovos, or anything else, they're highly sought after by people who have disposable income, and, thus, these same people may or may not have any idea what they have or how to fix it when they break. This, of course, is where I may or may not come into the picture.
i bought
apple tv
iphone 4s
mac air
the features i like are airplay, and sync---icloud
because "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" ??


Pink Lady Apples are the best. Honey Crisp are a close second.
Sorry, it's the only apple products I buy.
I buy Apple products (iPhone and iPad) because I like their hardware is the most. Also, I prefer iOS to the other mobile operating systems.

iOS just works and everything is consistent. Integration between devices is great as well. Also, The apps in the App Store are generally of better quality than Google Play in my experience. Especially the tablet-specific app selection.

Also, Apple support is the best there is. I've had a few problems in the past and to get it resolved is just a quick trip to the Apple Store and you usually leave with a perfect new device right then and there.
I personally stopped using Mac OS X and Macs but I still buy MBPs for family members because they are HANDS down the best build laptops right now on the market

I use a T410s for myself, I wish I had a MB air :)

I can understand that. My Lenovo T410 feels like it was built by Mattel.

The last really solid (mechanically solid) ThinkPad was the T400.

The T410 and up don't even have the display cage any more :(
because "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" ??


Pink Lady Apples are the best. Honey Crisp are a close second.
Sorry, it's the only apple products I buy.

You need to try Braeburn apples, the accidentally found apple from New Zealand. They're the best I've ever eaten.
I adore mine. I could have gotten android tablets with great hardware specs, and for half the price. But Android performance still just isn't there yet.

IOS for me. :)
I use Apple stuff for work, and the main reaosn is because of the service Apple provides, when my battery died and fans were noisy in my macbook pro, i made an appointment to take it into the Apple store the next morning, i was out of the store within 30 mins with it fixed under warranty. Nice and easy, no sending it off across the country and waiting weeks to get it back.
My reasons:

They make beautiful products with premium materials.
Over all, apps for their ecosystems tend to be beautiful and unique.
Resale value holds like no other piece of technology.
And... everybody in my circle of friends uses them and I want to be part of the club.

MIDI over WIFI implemtation is flawless on IOS.
Presonus Studiolive virtual control via IOS
Excellent driver and application support for OSX audio applications
Good resale value for their Macbooks and tablets (even after 3 years)
Can walk into any Apple store and buy or exchange for a new power adapter
OS doesnt cost an arm and a leg
Has best implementation of multi gesture functions for a trackpad ( I have owned the following Dell XPS Gen 2 & Asus G73)
Hackintosh install - easy

And with the recent announcement , MADE IN THE USA