WHS as email server


Limp Gawd
Oct 18, 2004
I am looking to see if WHS is the right option. I am looking at the HP MediaSmart EX490/495

some basic requirements:
back up macs and pc's
iTunes server
stream movies ( 150 + movie library... I have both a boxee box and a WD Live)

the kicker:
email server capable of "message rules" with outlook/entourage capability.

Since I'm basically the family tech support, I get calls from everyone. Its annoying. I do what I can using logmein. The issue is with email. I want to centralize their email so I can administer basically everything.

I'm moving in a month, so I don't know if my future ISP restricts ports 25/110/143. I do not plan getting a business connection. I welcome other solutions as well like cloud services, etc.

let me know what you think. ~Hacktor


[H]F Junkie
Jul 9, 2002
why bother trying to get your WHS box doing email for everyone else? simply get a domain name, purchase space on a web host and then setup the email accounts on the companies server, then youll have all the info to give to the family folks.
no need to worry about your net connection going down...interupting the familys email.
I use 1and1 for hosting 3 domains for my family....costs $28 a quarter