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  • Hello,

    I found your " Supermicro X6DA8-G2 with (2) Xeon 3ghz, 6GB DDR2 and coolers" and am interested in it. Would you still have this hardware for sale?

    Thank you!
    I maybe interested in your 80 gig intel ssd if you still have it. Is it sata 2? What model is it? Thanks
    nice heatware rating, except for the 1 mishap. That dude shouldn't have rated you like that. Anyway I see you recently sold the same memory for $10 bucks shipped. Same deal? Do you take Amazon payments? I noticed some folks are starting to use them. let me know in a PM or email me at [email protected]
    "paid $75 for a 300gb 15k sas drive recently "

    can you tell me where you got those drives from for that price ?
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