Who needs more than 550 Watts really


Oct 9, 2020
There is more than one way to buy "affordable" hardware. You can buy new budget hardware or you can buy older used hardware. Imagine someone trying to decide between a new 2060 or a used 1080. The 1080 is actually faster in almost all cases. If someone buys a 3080 or 3090 a few years from now, used, it's not going to use any less power than it does today. All these mining cards will get dumped on the market eventually, and it will be an affordable hardware Christmas. But if you want to limit your options, again, more power to you. Not sure how many posts you need to make here claiming that your limited budget makes you prescient about the power consumption of future hardware.

I was just letting the other guy know the sucks thing was just a joke and I'm also using 550W. Not sure why you need to make so many posts shitting on other people's choices.


Jul 25, 2012
My 5900x/3090 regularly exceeds 600w on load, granted it's a loaded rig with 10x drives etc.but not overclocked apart from simply enabling PBO in the bios.In fact the impetus for my 850 rmx was my Antec TP 550w squealing under the load of my then 5820k/ 1080 ti system so most loaded rigs can use 750w easily these days.


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Jul 11, 2001
Not sure why you need to make so many posts shitting on other people's choices.

I couldn't care less how many bad choices you make. My replies were more aimed at providing a different perspective for others who might read this thread looking for advice. I know tons of people who got burned in the long run going with a PSU that was not powerful enough. I can't think of anyone who ended up regretting buying a PSU that was too powerful. I felt that your assertion that there is a link between budget and power consumption isn't always applicable, especially for many on these forums, and I gave an example why.
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Sep 29, 2001
My old 16 core machine would pull almost 600 watts from the wall just running prime95.
It has an EVGA 750watt PSU in it.



Jun 9, 2004
5900x/3090 combo here pulls 600W alone, playing cyberpunk or watchdogs legion showed my gpu hit 470W draw. CPU will pull 178W at full load, avg 125-150w gaming. Toss in lights, fans, 4 hdd, 2x ssd, 2 m.2 and an AIO and 700W draw is practically a given. I ran a 2080ti sli prior so I saw 800W on my previous intel system.


Dec 1, 2004
I'm running 5800X and a factory-OC 3080, and my UPS regularly spikes to 550W+ load. I've got a 750W PSU as a result.

Also, PSUs are more efficient when not running at 100% load. Ideally if you are going to pull 500W load into your system you'd want a significantly larger PSU than that to keep closer to the peak efficiency point.


Feb 28, 2021
I have 3700X, 2080 Ti SLI OC for 3D Gaming with Custom Liquid Cooling, Dual-D5, bunch of fans & SSD with 1600W PSU. I wanted to upgrade to 5900X after Christmas, unfortunately it is sold out in my whole country.

When I bought my 1600W PSU with just one 2080 Ti and 2700X, I knew it is way overpowered. But if I bought just recommended PSU by Nvidia 650W, or even 750W, I would have to buy a new one for second 2080 Ti. And let's say that I wouldn't learn from my past mistake and I would have bought just 1000W. Because why not, it should be enough, right?
Well, Linus has already demonstrated, that 3090 SLI can trip over 1000W PSU. So for 3090 SLI I would once again have to buy new GPU. And next generation might be even more bloodthirsty.

Instead I bought the best PSU on Earth, King in every review & benchmark - Corsair AX1600i. And you can bet your ass that no matter what CPU / GPU configuration comes in next few years, I won't be limited by my PSU. And I do plan to buy next-gen GPU, probably I will go for SLI if it will be available.