what's a good brand of flashlight with high 10K+ lumen?

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Jul 1, 2004
is there other top notch brand name? as all I know is Fenix.

I'm thinking of the TK72R or the PD35TAC

for those who uses it, did you come across a better brand? or are you happy w/ this brand?
well, I also found a brand called AceBeam at 32500 Luxmen. The only problem is, for the $300+ price, you need to buy a battery charger, eject the battery, and put it in the charger.

W/ the about Nitecore, you just need to plug it in a USB port.

But I would like to hear others who use 10K+ luxmen flashlight and give me the name of the brand you use
10K Lumen?!! Are you trying to illuminate the dark side of the moon or see through people?
look, the 1K Luxmen is $70 to $80, and the 10K is $154. So might as well go w/ the $154 for 9K extra

a better question is, for those who own it, how long does it last? 5 year? 10 year?
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It looks like the best bang for the $ is Olight X7R, it's only 12K Luxmen, but at ebay it's $178, and it c/w 5 yr. full warranty

Fenix is shit, it's 5 yr. warranty w/ 1 yr. on batery

I have also look into Acebeam and Imalent, also 5 yr. warranty. But Lmalent is too big, and Acebeam does not have USB charger, they need me to buy an extra charger

If anyone of you needs any other brand that c/w 5 yr. warranty, let me know.