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Jan 19, 2016
I am trying to build a pc to be used by my both kids and they should be able to play both at the same time.

Here are the available hardware:
Ryzen R7 3800x
Asrock X570m
DDR4 32GB 3600Hz (2*16GB)
GTX 1070
GTX 780
2 x 500GB SSD
2 x 4TB HDD
2 x LCD Screens
2 x Keyboard
2 x Mouse
1 x USB Sound adapter
1 x USB to Ethernet adapter

So which VM software (preferable free) can do it for me?
I need something similar to UnRaid, but I don't need a storage server for now.

Thanks in advance
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Mar 16, 2005
Unpopular opinion here.. Don't do it. Not worth it today. In theory, and on paper, sounds amazing and doable. While it is, its a headache. You will spend more time tinkering, tuning and tweaking it. I mean, if that is something you like doing, then totally go for it. But you are better off dual booting between gaming mode or vm mode. Better yet.. Boot into Windows and run Vmplayer for your vm work loads. Shut them down when you want to game. That's what I do. I literately spend 55 hours a week doing enterprise storage and all sorts of enterprise virtualization. After reading enough threads here, and what I do during the day? No way would I VM my gaming machine.


Nov 12, 2001
I would agree getting the gpu to pass through correctly to 2 guests will be a challenge not to mention what are you planning them to play on? You could grab a cheap i7 dell off ebay and throw the 2nd gpu in there really low budget.


Limp Gawd
Mar 19, 2018
Not great cards for passthrough as nv drivers are nasty. (or system in general, as its too new.)

You could try to use proxmox. Great part about it, you won't have to play around with unassigning a gpu for X as many people get stuck with that... and its quite prof. and visually easy.
In terms of your storage, just do ZFS partition (which you can use anyway with your VM's)

I personally use it, and its been great for me.
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