Vive 2 is dropping soon, Where the H is Oculus 2 or whatever?

Discussion in 'VR & Head-Mounted Displays' started by tangoseal, Mar 25, 2018.

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    Feb 22, 2012
    That seems pretty spot on from what I heard. I had a choice between spending a bunch on the delux audio strap and face pads, ect since I didn't have any of that or getting the Pro. I think I mentioned this before but it feels equivilant to buying a Titan. You know 6-12 months later something cheaper and better will come out but you should be in the same ballpark.
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    Definitely the VR version 1.5 experience. If you have a Vive and haven't upgraded to the deluxe audio strap, better cable, better HMD face pad, then yes, I can see the draw... but only if you have the $ to burn. For me at least, I'll hold out for the true next gen product - either from Oculus or HTC. I have both the gen 1 VR products + all extras save for TP Cast, and am still happy with performance and the overall VR experience. While I could afford it, the slight resolution bump just isn't enough of a draw for me yet.
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    Nice! Did not know a Vive 2 was coming out. Im going to wait. I was just about to buy the Vive.
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    That is incorrect. There is no Vive 2, but there is the Vive Pro. Which is $800 without controllers or tracking stations, so like $1200 to get everything you need. Slightly higher resolution, most of the reviews have been decidedly "meh."

    If you have a solid gaming PC, your best bet is still the original HTC Vive ($500) or Oculus Rift ($400).
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