VESA mount tilt angle question (Why only 15 degrees?)


Jan 26, 2017
Samsung has a great deal for a 40" 4k TV (UN40KU6290) at Costco for only $289.99. Sure, it may not be the greatest gaming monitor ever, but it looks really nice hooked up to my 1080 at 4k 60Hz 4:4:4. The only issue I have is with the VESA mount. The manual says not to mount it at more than a 15 degree tilt from vertical. I'm wondering why. I looked at the 50", 65", etc. and it looks like a copy+paste statement in all of their TV manuals.

So, what if I want to put the thing on an articulated arm that can tilt more than 15 degrees? Is this just a CYA statement in case the monitor catches fire and the internal fire enclosure is only designed to contain the bad within 15 degrees of vertical, or is there a risk of mechanical deformation?

Any experts out there who can weigh in on the risks of mounting it to an arm that gives free range of tilt and rotation?
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From what I've been reading, it's based on the sturdiness of the TV/case. I've seen pictures of units mounted with no tilt, and the casing is separating.