Valve Updates Progress on Mature Content Submissions and New Filters

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    Valve is still progressing on a Steam overhaul that protects users from seeing content that they aren't interested in. This was born from concern about mature games being available on the platform. Users will be able to ignore up to 10 types of content including developers and publishers, game types, mature titles, and curators. If for example you ignore mature games, but do a search for The Witcher 3, you will be greeted with a filter message that explains that the content you are seeking is blocked by a filter setting. They go onto explain what are "troll games" and the steps they are taking to block companies from uploading malicious titles to the Steam Store.

    Q: Why do you KEEP asking my d*mn age throughout the store?
    We're with you on this. Unfortunately, many rating agencies have rules that stipulate that we cannot save your age for longer than a single browsing session. It's frustrating, but know we're filling out those age gates too.
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    There you go.

    I never knew this.

    At least I know they are not doing it to piss me off.

    I usually make up a new birthdate every time.
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    I leave the month and day, and just pick a random year between the 1930s and 1990s, (as that's a quick scroll-wheel spin) :D
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    and that's what all kids will do any way ran into a steam user who said she was 17 ,,but her steam account was over 12 yrs old can not even open a steam account unless your 13 or over

    said she got the account from her sister ..;o; ya right ! then asked me to gift her fc 5 after playing FC 4 co op for 20 min (yes i know it was a dude DUH )

    all valve did was add a new thing we all have to click that's not verified ..for age or anything .. all you need to create a steam account is an e mail address can make accounts all over the internet and still lie about age
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