Upgrading options?


Limp Gawd
Mar 5, 2009
My current build is listed in my sig and I was wondering if it's worth upgrading to a UD4H + Haswell build from Microcenter. I only play Guild Wars 2 and BF3 (BF4 when it comes out) but my FPS is passable to poor on my 24". If I upgrade my build, I plan on picking up a 2nd gtx460 for dirt cheap and sli them.

My other option is to forget about upgrading my system and instead replace my gtx460 with a 7950/7970. I currently don't have enough money to upgrade both my CPU and videocard and need some help figuring out what will offer me the best bang for my buck.

Other info:
Budget $300-400 (closer to $300)
I will need to get new RAM and cpu cooler if I upgraded to Haswell.
I will reuse everything else including a new 750w PSU I just bought to replace my dying one
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First option but only if you can get that second GTX 460 for like $30. Any more and it's not worth it. The GTX 460's 1GB of VRAM is very limiting for BF3.

How long would it take you to save up another $260?
Most of the gtx460's on ebay are going for at least $50. I suppose I can get an i5 bundle and stick to my single gtx460. I'll then save up for a bit and sell my gtx460 toward a better video card.

Just trying to make up my mind since it's tax free weekend tomorrow and I might head over to Microcenter.
Tax free weekend? Then yes definitely go the i5 route and save money for a GPU upgrade.