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    1. SyntexError
      how can i ignore some one in my profile i have 2 ppl id like to put on ignore ??
    2. Zohar78
      just wanted to say thanks for your time in helping me with my build.. I really appreciate it..
    3. Jthm27
      nvm thanks
    4. Rkoth814
      Just an FYI, I can't respond to Paul's post because they banned me for questioning the review. It's after they banned me that they responded to my questions. :/

      While it's unfortunate, I could help steer you to any proper Cooler Master product and you're right on the money when you see we are improving. JonnyGuru has a much more structured test that shows the VSM series performing very well.
    5. ARCHiTEKK
      Haha, that's good to know because I was just curious about the comparison between the NZXT phantom 630, and Corsair Obsidian 800D.

      They both have similar specs in terms of internal setup and airflow. But the 800D does offer a couple of extra perks with it, I just don't know if its worth the additional $100-150, unless you really need them.
    6. ARCHiTEKK
      Out of curiosity, any reason you never recommend nzxt cases?
    7. Pcmatic184
      Hey I was putting some parts of my build
      Msi a75ma e35
      Ballistix crucial 1x8 ddr3 cl9
      1tb wd blue 7,200 ram
      Carbide 200r series case
      Cx 500 psu
      Amd a10 6800k black edition
      Msi hd 7790
      Windows 7 64 bit

      I went to buy a msi 7790 radeon graphics card which I did but I bought the oc edition on accident will this affect my build in any way?
    8. Pcmatic184
      Hey I was wondering when build thing the computer and doing the external build, it sounds stupid but how you turn on the computer. I have a msi fm2 a75ma e35. I heard you have to spark something with a screwdriver to turn on. Please help man thanks
    9. free_bird
      :confused:Hi Danny,

      I am new here, how can i send friendship request to the other members?

      Please help me if there any option to sending friend request!
    10. free_bird
      Hi ,

      I want to be a friend of you!
    11. Magix
      I thought I'm a helpful guy on forums, but damn, this guy is a legend :P
      I keep coming back with stupid questions and he keeps answering them!
    12. Skillz
      Oh you don't know? Muahaha
    13. Skillz
      Nice title. :p
    14. hossdaddy
    15. Stupid_Newbie
      I saw my post was edited, what did i mention that I am not allowed to?
    16. aranlong
      sorry didnt know that wasnt allowed
    17. BLaZEjjp
      Hey Danny, If I remember correctly you used to have a post that you'd update with all the different pc builds by range of price... which you updated regularly. Do you still have that?

      It's been about 3-4 years since my last build and it's time for me to research all the best parts and what to get, hopefully within a week I'll make purchases. I'm willing to put down $1k-1.2k. I'd like it to play BF3, Diablo 3, pretty much any big name game for 2012. I usually use ardforums, Ars technica, and now recently reddit as a hub for guides. If you know of any other resources please let me know.

      I saw this on reddit: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/7zgy ... thoughts?
    18. notsure
      Hey Dan you were a great help in my deceison for chosing the right PSU . I want to to thank you for that .
      if you feel in the mood sometime you could teach me greenhorn a couple o things ...lets say via Facebook ....my account name there is bob loblaw
    19. hossdaddy
    20. Fixall
      just wanted to stop by and leave you some props. Damn near every new build post I've gone to has some very helpful feedback from you and we all hella (yes I still use "hella") appreciate it. So thanks!
    21. GreatestOne
      Btw just to let you know, I've been very impressed with your professionalism and helpfulness, which is rare across these forums as we well know (people even on this site used to be a lot ruder a few years ago)... just wanted to personally thank you from one professional to another, and if you ever need any advice/help in, well, not computers, LOL (altho it is part of my full and part time job, scary huh, welcome to S. Florida), but golf, tennis, psychology or whatever, feel free to ask me... jus wanted to let u know I dont enjoy being a freeloader when you seem to be doing a great job for nothing in return but a little traffic to this site. Thanks again and I am sure I will be posting something else very soon.
    22. Ltor
      Just stopped by to sign your yearbook and say thanks for all the build advice. My computer is officially up and running, got a few kinks to work out but I'm real happy with the results. Thanks for answering my myriad of questions. I feel like a slightly more capable human being now thanks to you!
    23. Klaerth
      Just wanted to send a bit of random appreciation your way. I've not made a thread here in some time, but you've been a help in the past, and I always see you helping so, so many others around here. It really is amazing of you! Thanks for all that you do for everyone. <3
    24. TheTyrant
    25. horrorshow
    26. Lale777
      Hey Danny, just wanted to extend a huge thanks for all the help in selecting different parts for my build. I can't wait to begin (it is kind of driving me looney :) ) You're knowledge has been an invaluable resource. Thanks again.
    27. Dangman
      Start looking at the GTX 460 or HD 6850. The PSU will be enough
    28. hossdaddy
      Thnx for the reply Danny. If he gets this 20" lcd Would a 5770/6770 be enough to run just about any game(I am recommending the i3 2100) these days or should we be looking more @ a gtx 460/radeon6850? He already has an Antec HCG 520w psu. Will his hcg 520w be strong enough for the i32100 4 gigs ram 1 hd 1 optical and a 6870?
    29. Dangman
      I do not think it's worth banking on an unlocking to happen. So I'd recommend going for a straight quad-core or a really fast dual-core setup. For gaming however, I'd look at the Intel Core i3 2100.
    30. hossdaddy
      good morning Danny-Bui, I need some input. I have a buddy in Iowa who is looking to do an $800 build for gaming. He needs a new monitor I suggested 20" and win7 64-bit in that budget. Im looking at either a radeon 5770, new 5830, gtx 460 or radeon 6850 as the gpu. Cheap 4 gig ram kit. So I am having the toughest time picking between amd and intel for the cpu/mobo. I was thinking that an am3+ board and and phenom II x2 and go unlock? This seems to bea cheaper by about $30-40. I would liek him to have sata3 and usb3 is possible. Sata3 is more important than usb3 for him.

    31. Taikero
      Just want to stop by and say thanks. You've basically built two computers for me and a family member, and both work wonderfully. So, thank you!
    32. hossdaddy
    33. Loading
    34. hossdaddy
      hey Danny I am making a recommendation to a buddy for a psu. Its looking like either the Antec HCG 620w or the Corsair GS 600w. He's running an amd x6 1055t (soon to be oc'd) 2 optical drives, 1 hd and a gtx 280 and 4 case fans. The best info I can get on the requirements for the 280 are a minimum 40amps, both of these psu's have 48 amps.

      Is this enough for this, and which one should he get? The Antec is $88 and the Corsair is $79 both @ his local shop.


    35. hossdaddy
    36. nickmv
      Hey man, I'm putting together a new $1K gaming box, I've used what appears to be a solid recommendation by you, based on a $1300 build that included monitor and Win7 (neither of which I need).

      Would you mind taking a look at it and critiquing? I'd appreciate it. It's here
    37. xitsej
    38. Loading
    39. hossdaddy
    40. Superdemon
      It is best not to get mixed up with oldie. That guy is nothing but trouble.
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