TSMC Will Make All of Apple's A13 Chips

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    Mar 3, 2018
    Sources tell Digitimes that TSMC will the the sole supplier of Apple's 7nm A13 chips in 2019. With Globalfoundries out of the leading edge process game, that means AMD, Nvidia, and other chip designers like Mediatek and Huawei will have to share TSMC's 7nm production capacity with the 800 pound gorilla of the tech world. TSMC's global pure-play foundry marketshare is expected to rise from 56% to 60%.

    TSMC's in-house developed integrated fan-out (InFO) wafer-level packaging technology has made its 7nm process technology more competitive than its counterparts, the sources suggested. TSMC is also expected to introduce the industry's first commercially-available 7nm EUV process, the sources believe. With Globalfoundries putting its 7nm plans on hold indefinitely, TSMC will have fewer competitors in the advanced sub-10nm process segment. TSMC is also ahead of Samsung in the 7nm foundry business as the Korea-based foundry has secured orders from only Qualcomm and its own mobile division, the sources noted.
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    At this rate TSMC will be the biggest maker in the world leading, if they are not already
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    Nov 23, 2006
    Intel should have them make theirs too?
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    That doesn't surprise me. Samsung has never been good at being a foundry for others. They concentrate on making their own products best first. TSMC is a pure for-hire foundry.

    They are a second source when TSMC doesn't have the supply (Nvidia used them for the GTX 1050 and 1030, so as to not overwhelm TSMC's new 16nm process). But the larger chips were all made at TSMC.
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