Time for new keyboard


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Feb 26, 2010
I have this Logitech G910 with the blue ashtray or ciggy holder or what ever you want to use it for :D
And it starts to feel clumsy to use and im sure there is better and new keyboards out there since G910 was released.

I googled best keyboards 2020 and had my eyes on Corsair since it has silence keys.
But its not exactly a new model so why its still a thing in 2020 beats me.


What does speed vs opx or mx blue means ?

The wheel near the esc looks strange tho.

The price dosent realy matter, but the clicking noise does.
If ur familiar with the logitech g910 clicking noise, then that is what im aiming for or better

- It must NOT have this awfull rateling clicking noise.

Also i like these media keys with a scroll key and play bottons, so it must have these also.
And i like wire keyboards, so no wireless.

So the list is:

- Media keys
- Wired
- Sillent keys ( No ratle clicks )

Sorry for being demanding on specs but we all love a perfect keyboard right

Im still in love with the k100 keybord tho :D
Or what do you think ?


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Feb 1, 2005

There's a semi-guide to the switches. The MX Blue vs. MX Speed vs. MX ____ is kind of discussed there along with sounds so you can estimate what it would sound like when clicking.

I think the G910 uses Romer-G switches, so you'll have to do a comparison to what you're used to vs. what a Cherry MX switch would be like.

It's all personal preference really. Best thing to do is maybe go to somewhere like bestbuy and try out a few keyboards to see what you like.
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Jun 30, 2008
Ever consider building one?

Here is a subreddit that is pretty active. Careful though... you can easily end up with another expensive hobby from this.


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Sep 23, 2011
Ever consider building one?

Here is a subreddit that is pretty active. Careful though... you can easily end up with another expensive hobby from this.
I was actually just wondering if we’d start seeing keyboard building threads here on [H] .

Personally I don’t think it has to be the massive money pit some of the keyboard fanatics let it become.

-Picking the exact layout and switches you want: cool.
-Having a board with custom firmware and macros : very cool
-Spending $300 on a set of ABS keycaps because they’re German and made with the “original cherry dies” (plus maybe some unicorn farts): completely moronic

If you can solder and have access to an iron you can build something better than any Corsair for about the same price point. Just don’t get sucked into the KEEB circlejerk for-the-insta universe.

Sorry for the mini rant mixed in, but some of that subculture is nuts; also I personally think the lubed switch ASMR that they’re all into sounds gross.