Thecus N5200 RAID data recovery?


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Mar 14, 2000
I have an N5200 that had a healthy RAID. It had frozen once a week or so ago, I powered it off and it had to rebuild the array when it booted. I should have taken this as a sign to update my backup, but didn't.

It froze again last night, when I power cycled it it just stuck at "Self Testing..." on the screen. Won't post now.

So, I guess it's time for a new NAS. Does anyone have any tips for doing data recovery with something like R-Studio?


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Dec 23, 2007
what raid level, what size disks, and did it finish rebuilding the array last time it tried?

all your data is still there, but getting at it is a process of escalation, all depending on how much time/patience/money you want to put in based on how valuable the data is. i'm not familiar with that NAS unit but if its no longer presenting the array to the O/S, the next step would be attaching the drives to the computer directly in JBOD mode and reconstructing the array configuration with R-Studio's 'Build virtual block RAID" function. and doing that usually requires some low level knowledge of file systems, because different vendors use different block patterns for a given raid level - often proprietary and usually unpublished.

bottom line, R-Studio's basic functions like scanning a partition for deleted files is easy enough for end users, but getting into virtual raid reconstruction will require expert assistance, since the built-in presets (block patterns) for RAID0/5/6 in R-Studio likely aren't applicable to that NAS's raid controller.

but first things first - I'd contact the manufacturer's tech support before you go any further. and start stocking up on harddisks to recover your data to.
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