The Supply Chain Outlook for Mining ASICs in 2019 Is Conservative

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    Cryptocurrency has fallen flat on its face in 2018 and the demand for the machines that drove its rise to power has waned. This has caused foundry partners of the ASIC mining manufacturers to become conservative in their outlook for 2019. TSMC lowered its revenue projections for mining ASICs as demand for miners is expected to remain weak in 2019. Japan's GMO Internet quit the virtual currency manufacturing industry as it lost $324.55 million in the 4Q2018. Some players on the hardware side are finding other industries such as FinTech to explore opportunities in.

    Former wunderkind ASIC manufacturer and mining operation stalwart Bitmain has allegedly laid off 50% of its staff; including new hires that joined the company just days prior. Bitmain hired developers to support Bitcoin Cash and the cryptocurrency's value plunged from $2,400 to a low point of $79 in December 2018. There are rumors in China that the CEO is expected to step down in the midst of the chaos at the company. The street value of its newest Antminer S11 hardware has dropped to just $525, but the company is still taking orders at this time.

    Crypto mining fever has subsided along with Bitcoin price collapsing from US$15,000 in January 2018 to under US$4,000 in December, sending mining ASICs supply chain players turning highly conservative about business prospects for the segment in 2019 and promoting them to explore business opportunities from other blockchain application segments, according to industry sources.
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    Pop! Goes the weasel bubble!
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    That's alright if there's a resurgence and any of the rumors are true then we already have overstock of 1060's and an incoming tidal wave of 2060's.
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    Oh it breaks the fucking heart.
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    in before good cat meme
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    Bit mining is going to go way up after AMD releases new cards. Performance at their MSRP is very enticing, I expect March will start to rise up sharply.

    yess go on, buy more bitcoins now, nanogrip knows alll
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    Nope, ASICs have already passed GPUs in price/performance.
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