1. cageymaru

    The Supply Chain Outlook for Mining ASICs in 2019 Is Conservative

    Cryptocurrency has fallen flat on its face in 2018 and the demand for the machines that drove its rise to power has waned. This has caused foundry partners of the ASIC mining manufacturers to become conservative in their outlook for 2019. TSMC lowered its revenue projections for mining ASICs as...
  2. R

    Ethereum ASIC Has Performance of 8 GTX 1080s for $800

    ASIC hardware manufacturer Bitmain has released its ASIC for Ethash according to an article last week from HotHardware. Two weeks ago we wrote how Bitmain was planning to roll out an ASIC for Ethereum, and the impact that the rumor had on AMD stock. The new Antminer E3 is available for pre-order...
  3. R

    AMD Stock Downgraded, Bitmain Releasing Ethereum ASIC Miner

    A report today from Smarter Analyst states that Susquehanna analyst Christopher Rolland is downgrading AMD stock to negative from neutral, with a $7.50 price target. The reason for the downgrade? Bitmain is planning to roll out a new ASIC miner for Ethereum, each having 3 motherboards, and each...
  4. DooKey

    Bitmain May Have Made as Much as Nvidia Last Year

    According to Bernstein semiconductor team analysts, Bitmain, a manufacturer of cryptomining equipment, may have made as much as $4B in operating profit last year. Compare this to Nvidia and their $3B in operating profit last year. Bitmain has gone from a small time, unknown operation, to a...
  5. DooKey

    Bitcoin’s Biggest Tech Player to Release AI Chips and Computers

    Bitmain claims to have built at least 70 percent of the computers on the Bitcoin network and now they want to leverage their technology to build AI chips and computers. Their new AI chip will be specialized in both training and executing deep learning algorithms. As a matter of fact they say...