The next HMD-- Project Cambria


Jun 5, 2021

Hi guys,

Zuck announced the new HMD VR. It will be not a Quest 3. This HMD will be High End.

I hope that it will haven't compromises. There's need of a high end HMD Hybrid.

My suppose:

-Pancake Lenses (Confirmed)

-Resolution almost 4K for eye

-Technology OLED for display

-Eye Tracking/Face Tracking (Confirmed)

-Frequency max 120Hz

-Hybrid version--> WiGig2 for PCVR wireless

-IPD mechanic

-Foveated Rendering

-Silicon SoC custom ---Yes, I don't know if it possible now but I'm sure that Facebook will make chip custom like Apple with M1. There's needs of more power for standalone device..It's very important for a company like Facebook have the perfect manage for their hardware for integrate with their new OS.

-I'm not sure if it will be the moment but the new HMD could have the new OS developed by Facebook.

-Full Body Tracking with Facebook Portal