The Evil Within 2

I only played the demo for Evil Within but I really enjoyed it...some really nice horror elements...some of the bugs and performance issues turned me off from buying it but still might pick it up for cheap one of these days...looking forward to the sequel
I picked up the complete version for $8.20 on the last steam sale......still nowhere near enough time to play it :cry:
I'm like 3/4 though the first game it's a Amazing game very imaginative. If this game takes advantage of current generation consoles and PCs it could be pretty flippin' awesome. Yeah I paid like 7.99 for the 1st game or slightly more.
Once I eventually got the first one to (mostly) perform well, I had fun with it. It's a little too heavy on the sneaking around, but I can see how some people prefer that approach.
I'm more excited for Outlast 2, though. I think I appreciate sneaking around more when I have no weapons or means of attack at all.
I attempted to play the first game twice but quit both times on chapter 2. The first chapter was excellent but in Chapter 2 it got very frustrating. Clunky controls, aiming, and too much stealth.
I used a controller and a smaller monitor ch.2 sucks just some houses
With ghouls.
I don't think I've ever re-started a game more than the Evil Within. I think I tried to give it a shot at least a dozen times. Between technical issues and odd pacing I just never got into it.
If this one has anything to do with the first game I'll skip it. If it's entirely new, I might consider it though.
I was a big fan of the first one, hoping the 2nd is just as good or better. October should be a great month for gaming, there can never be enough quality survival horror games.

New gameplay footage, edited to include the high res version.
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I am a HUGE HUGE fan of survival horror, but for some reason I just couldn't complete The Evil Within. I have tried and started that game three separate times since it's been released and I just can't stick with it. It sucks because I was especially excited that Shinji Mikami was directing it who was directly involved with almost if not all the Resident Evils, but The Evil Within just wasn't fun. Especially since it really really relied on jump scares and the fucking camera... they had to patch the damn game to remove the force letter-barring which is when I quite the first time when I saw there wasn't an option to remove it. Once it was patched I tried it again, but the game still didn't feel right. I will likely rent 2 but with so many other games coming out i'm not holding my breathe for this one.
Try a smaller monitor :inpain::inpain::inpain:I lost interest in alot of games when I had a bigger monitor. Focus Factor
One of the best horror shooters I thought was "Shadow of the Damned" I played the game but never finished it :p
Along with Resident Evil 4 which became the best Resident Evil for some reason even though it was nothing like the original gameplay

game comes out next week...I'm curious to see the reviews...another one of these strange Friday releases...but at least this makes sense with it being Friday the 13th :)
I have Evil Within 2 preloaded and ready to go, less than 24 hrs from release. I'm in the mood for some nice survival horror action on Fri the 13th. Early buzz from several sites seem to be positive. I'm hoping it reviews well, Bethesda seems to have forgotten about this title and are mostly concentrating on Wolf 2.

Patrick gave the first one a 2/5, which I disagreed with. To me the first was more of a 4/5.
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Am I only one on here who finished the first game? :p

The game played a lot like RE4 and is not really hard if you keep focus. The ending was mind****.

Can't wait for the midnight release! I have it preloaded on PS4.
I'm like on like act 6 or 7 with the first game the 1st game had intentional muted colors this looks a lot more alive.
EW2 is getting pretty good reviews...most reviews seem to agree that it's an improvement on the first look to be about the same though
From what I've been reading experienced players should play on Nightmare difficulty, it's about on par with normal on the first one. Those looking for a casual experience can choose normal.

Gamespot 8/10

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I picked this up on PS4 and played a bit of it. I'm liking it so far.
I am enjoying the game quite a bit. The graphics look terrible in some spots though with quite a lot of very low resolution textures.
The first game was clearly designed to run at 720p/30 with letterboxing. All of the options to improve on that came later and were half-baked. Is this one any different? Any comparisons to Outlast 2 or RE7?