The AGP, PCI-e Poll

AGP or PCI-Express

  • AGP

    Votes: 80 51.9%
  • PCI-Express

    Votes: 74 48.1%

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Limp Gawd
Jan 15, 2005
Ok were here to find out what type of Video Card People are using in there Primary Systems.

Choices are Simple PCI-e or AGP In the system you use most often (your Primary System). Specify how many u have if you want its all good.

Personally i have 2 AGP Systems, and 1 SLi / PCI-e System. My Primary System is AGP.
Gaming/work/everyday system: AGP (9600XT)
HTPC: AGP (8500 AIW)

I don't plan to move to PCIE yet. Maybe next year. Same goes for 64 bits, dual cores etc.I don't mind being technology retarded ($), plus I don't *need* a super-performant computer (though I overclock my CPU)... I do really enjoy games, but am nowhere near an hardcore gamer (I don't watch my FPS or spend time on benches). I can play BF2, FarCry and HL2 at 1200x1024, medium settings, that keeps me very satisfied.
Still AGP in all my systems, but will have PCI-E in my upcoming A64 system.
jebo_4jc said:
This poll is a good idea, but 350 people already voted in this poll a few weeks back. If you really want to get good numbers, go back and vote in the old one.

No, actually it'd be cool if there was a new poll like every month, then we can see the trend of what percentage of users are switching from AGP to PCIe. Personally, i'd like to see a poll of pre-BF2/pre-release of 7800 series, compared to what it is now :) Another good one would be RAM in people's systems because almost everyone I know that played BF2 ended up getting more RAM.

At the rate it is now, the polls show a ~10% increase in PCIe users in one month, wow! :)
I'll admit I didn't put down my 'main' rig (mac mini) but my gaming rig uses a PCIe X800 X, why PCIe? cause it was the cheapest solution for my required performance level, simple (I got the CPU, mobo & GPU at the same time).
This poll should be done every other week. I bet you will see the PCIe bar getting larger every time.

Main: AGP (soon to be PCI-E when my new mobo and card arrive)
Backup: AGP
Since I only voted on one of all of these polls, I can bet you won't get an accurate sampling of anything conclusive.

6 polls on this subject matter and counting.
PCIe all the way... I mean I had to... For my top end system, their is no room for that old tech anymore :)
PCI-Express all the way...
definately future-proof...
much higher bandwidth even with current graphic cards (even those benchmarks indicate that AGP and PCI-E cards perform almost the same)...

SLI or CrossFire compatible...
All 3 of my rigs are nvidia 6_00 AGP and Intel 3.0+Ghz P-4's

main rig: Lian-Li - 6800GT

wife's rig: Shuttle XPC - 6800nu (unlocked)

work PC: Dell Dimension 4550 - 6200
My rig - PCI-E - Used for mainly gaming (specs in Sig)
Second Rig - AGP - Used for school work and downloading things
Keep voting im trying to prove a point here people. :D

The point is AGP is still here Now and LOTS of people have it. In actual fact having the poll here is a Little Biast because were all enthusists/gamers/OC'ers, when in the real world you will see a HELL of a lot of AGP in a Vast majority of 1/2-1year old machines.