Supreme Commander Thread!


Mar 25, 2002
I've owned SupCom since the week it came out. I was one of the first on this forum to talk about it (actually, I think I made the first SupCom thread) and one of the most vocal Total Annihilation evangelists.

I've played SupCom online four times. I never finished the campaign and I only skirmished a few times with the atrocious AI. It has such a finished feel, so many wonderful features, and yet the gameplay seems to fall flat. I don't know why the game so underwhelmed me.

I think it's that you have to be so disconnected from the game to get a good feel of the tactical situation. It really bugs me to have to zoom out to the point I can't see small units in order to get those same small units flagged as either mine or my opponent's. It so disconnects me from the battles that I hardly even watch them...and that's just not entertaining.

CoH dominates my game time these days.