Streaming Device - 1080p from PC to TV flawlessly

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    Apr 15, 2002
    Looking for a streaming device that will stream my PC to my TV flawlessly wireless.

    Something that would handle a high detail 1080p movie streamed to the TV without any studdering or slow downs or detail loss.

    Does this device exist?
  2. Tekara

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    Jan 6, 2003
    Basically all the things do that:

    AndroidTV / FireTV / Roku / Nvidia Shield streaming box
    Home Theater PC front end
    Chromecast / Miracast / WiDi / Wireless AV transmitters
    DLNA/ SMB / Plex / Kodi share to a smart TV or streaming box

    If it is a smart TV, you may even be able to add it via "Devices and Printers" within Windows.

    1080p isn't demanding, so any of the above would be able to handle without issue provided you have a more modern wireless setup like N or AC or go with something like the wireless AV which uses their own signal.
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    I will help you out and point you in the right direction saving you both time and money.

    1. Download and install Plex Media Server. Easy to setup. This is totally free software. When you get the paid services page that pops up at the end of installation, do not let it confuse you. Close the window and proceed to the setup options.

    2. Buy you a Roku Premier. $75 or so dollars on Amazon. Or the Roku Ultra for $99 and possibly even cheaper using Facebook marketplace and or Craigslist to find one. I suggest you DO NOT BUY anything other than the Roku Premier or Roku Ultra. While you can accomplish the same goals with the Roku sticks, the performance is not there and you lose valuable time performing tasks along the way. I've also had wifi streaming issues using sticks. I've never had problems streaming 4K content with the Premier or Ultra.

    3. Hook up the Roku to your TV. Plug in the power and HDMI cable and go through the setup. Here you will pick your channels, config your wifi etc. Make sure to pick the Roku channel. You can also sort your channels the way you want them.

    4. Once Plex is installed and your library is in place, simply turn on your TV, go to your Roku, select the Plex channel and decide what movie you would like to watch.

    5. Turn off the lights, get comfy and enjoy your movie.

    Total cost is $75 to $100 dollars. Setup time is around 10 minutes for everything. Level of difficulty, 3 out of 10.

    Pro Tip: To add additional value to your setup for not a lot of money buy you a Google Chromecast and a Google Home Mini. You can then use Chrome on your mobile device to stream most video sources. You can also use voice commands to have your Google Home Mini play videos for you over your Chromecast. You can find used Chromecasts and Google Home Mini's all day long for cheap on Facebook Marketplace and or Craigslist.

    I think I paid $10 for Chromecast and $20 for a Google Home Mini.

    You can do all of this cheaply with amazing results. It's not complicated. I've been streaming for over 12 or 13 years. It's so easy and cheap in 2018. Dirt cheap. With a little effort, time and money you can end up with results that will not only impress you but you're Friends and Family as well.
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    Are you looking to stream exactly what's on your desktop or just media content stored on your desktop?
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    I grabbed a Nvidia shield lately, hadf a remuxed 4k movie and i was suprised...i was streaming it over AC...NOW...every about 20mins or so, it would stop to buffer but ya.. i am sure it could handle 1080 over AC.
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    Nvidia Shield TV
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