Stepsons Corsair CX650M Died. Recommend Replacement?


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Oct 29, 2000
Hey Everyone,

The Corsair CX650M I bought 4 years ago just randomly died on him a year after the 3 year warranty expired. Not sure if this is generally considered a decent model, (is there a reference table anywhere of who manufactures which brands PSU's?) but I was really surprised.

Anyway, I have him temporarily up and running using a spare 1200W Seasonic Prime Platinum, which is complete and total overkill for his machine.

I'm considering replacing it with a new 600-650w PSU, but I realized that while I am fairly well read of the whose who of the high power PSU's, I've done next to no research on the smaller ones.

He has a Ryzen 7 3800 XT and a GeForce RTX 2060 Super, so anything over ~450W or so ought to be enough.

I don't want to be doing this again in a couple of years. Any recommendations for some decent ~650W PSU's?

Appreciate the input!
That's a great deal, especially with the $15 rebate. I wouldn't look any further tbh. The odds of your finding a better quality unit for that price are slim to none. Nice find!
The Corsair CX series are known to have higher than normal failure rates. I've had to swap out a couple of the CX500 and CX600 models after just a few years of service. There seem to be quite a few complaints about them online as well.
Well, this keeps getting more fun.

I installed the replacement PSU (the Seasonic Focus GM-650) a couple of weeks ago.

During initial power up and test everything worked just fine. Stepson was with his dad for two weeks and just returned. Tried to power it on, but the system is a brick.

Did some troubleshooting. The PSU seems dead again. I use the motherboard bypass connector (the one that shorts the green wire to ground) to see if the PSU will power on if nothing is connected, but still, the PSU is a complete brick.

I swap in my backup PSU (Seasonic PRIME Platinum 1200W) and it happily powers right back up again.

Must have gotten one of those rare early failures. Bathtub curve for the win.


I'm still within Newegg's return period, so rather than deal with Seasonic's RMA, I just requested a return and replacement from Newegg.

Wish me better luck next time.