I wouldn't mind if they came out with new one. The original had a lot of great features, attached to horrible control layout.
Redesign the layout of face buttons and the shape of it. I never tried it but people complain about the same things.
That's cool, I would pick up a second controller, I used mine a lot.
Haven't used mine all that much, mostly due to the small face buttons. I liked the feel of the haptic pads and would say they're an improvement over analogue sticks for FPS look control.

But the games where I use a gamepad (platformers, mostly) I don't find it very comfortable.

The Xbox One controller is my go to controller for PC, however I do feel the Switch Pro controller is superior to it.
Why is Valve making a new controller when they stopped making the Steam Link? Or are we to expect a new Steam Link?

I have a Steam Link but it was incredibly laggy through Powerline :(
Why is Valve making a new controller when they stopped making the Steam Link? Or are we to expect a new Steam Link?

I have a Steam Link but it was incredibly laggy through Powerline :(

Because one doesn't require the other.


Also, Steam Link was made into an app and is available on various devices such as the Nvidia Shield and AppleTV.
incredibly laggy through Powerline

I have one connect to a 55" 4K in the BR. No lag but I think it also depends on the type of games played. I use the X360 controller and connect the USB dongle to the SteamLink. No issues.
I still hate the button placement on it. The face buttons and analog are too awkward to reach and they're what you're using more than half the time. It's tough to make a single controller work well as a gamepad and a KB/M replacement without it being modular.

The touch pads are a pretty neat idea for FPS aiming and mouse cursor emulation, but I don't really think Valve implemented them that well. I think just bailing on the left one and making it an analog stick and d-pad (a la the Xbox pad) would have worked better. The real advantage of the touch pad is on the right side. Trick is, then you still have to make the controller face buttons work well. That's where I'd like some option to change face buttons for the touch pad and vice versa. Having both makes both lesser.
I've always been a big fan of the Steam Controller and its ambitious aims. The software/driver support it pioneered is quite impressive and there's a reason that even when using other controllers Steam's configuration/mapping is far and away better than just about anything else. Hardware wise it too was impressive attempting the monumental task of acting as a stand-in for KB/M while also being a solid controller for games build with gamepad/console in mind. The hardware was well made with the HD grade touchpads being the primary focal point, but also offering such elements as the 2 "paddles" which are only typically available on expensive customized controllers.

This is not to say however that it didn't have some limitations and/or adjustment period requirements, the largest of which in my experience was the location of the primary ABXY buttons. Where these were usually constant in every other modern controller style (ie Xbox, Playstation, Switch Pro etc) , the Steam Controller had the buttons moved down and inward which was cumbersome and required switching muscle memory, especially considering the (possibly) smaller button size . This was done in order to place the large right HD touchpad symmetrically to the left, but it still caused things not to feel quite right for many players.

I'm glad to see them offering a next generation Steam Controller and hope they can take what they offered last time and expand it. Ideally, I'd prefer a true top of the line Steam Controller Elite, an analog for the latest models of higher priced and high customization controllers - Xbox Elite (V1 and upcoming V2 in November), SCUF Vantage, Astro C40 etc. Perhaps this would allow Valve to offer such features as allowing users the ability to swap out components and magnetically socket them at their leisure, from different styles of thumb sticks and Dpads, to HD touch pads, main button clusters, and paddles. This would alleviate the main concern of the last generation, which, along with other upgrades (such as offering an included, ideally replaceable li-poly rechargeable battery pack, USB-C and latest generation Bluetooth) and customization options (ie Removable faceplates and other components to be swapped for aesthetic purposes, with specs available for 3D printing and whatnot offered to the community), would improve the whole package.

Valve has proven they can invest in hardware and peripherals in a thoughtful and well supported way, even if early ventures are not always perfect. Its nice to see them continuing!
I looooooooove grabbing an ace in siege with that gyro. PC l337ists cannot stand getting got by a controller Giant learning curve but the steam controller is the shit I will prolly buy the next one too