"Star Trek: Discovery" Renewed for Season 3

I don't mind the cameos, I don't mind some of the inclusiveness themes, but I cannot watch this show any longer because I cannot take more television about people crying, expressing their feeling and seeking therapy. The first half of this season was a hot mess with endless crying. The second half seemed better, until the finale. If I wanted to watch a television show about people constantly talking about their feelings, I'll just turn on Bachelor or some trash like that.

This season was like a crappy season-long version of The Arrival with worse acting, un-compelling characters who cried frequently while letting their emotions get in the way of their job time after time, wrapped around a story without any meaningful consequences or stakes that would make a viewer care. I felt like I was going through the motions, and my only saving grace was that toward the end, I could tell when a 75 second feelings/emotion scene was about to play out (case in point: any scene involving the doctor) and became rather practiced at forwarding past them.

I suspect that if someone took the full season, edited out the 80+% of filler and emotions and garbage relationship conversations, there's probably a decent 2 hour feature film in there.

I'm more cautiously optimistic about Picard S2, and at least Lower Decks knows exactly what it's trying to be and does it well.
Lower Decks S1 was a lot better than S2. I’ll eventually show my kids S2 (they loved S1 and ask randomly about S2) but I have to clip out all the sexual nonsense. Why? Why put all that in a cartoon and it adds no value.