speaking record silliness


[H]F Junkie
Aug 31, 2000
I want to make copies of words.

i would use a cass recorder if it was the 1970's
but I have 2020 android phone.

i looked at the google play and all i found only 'apps' that used cloud connection stuff.

I do not want to use a cloud, I want the phone to be a recorder that remains in my hardware.

I would also like to use a USB wire to my Win10 to be able to use the digital sound from my phone.

is this a silly thing, or easily used ?

(my recent stroke has it nearly impossible for me to "hear" "numbers". I want to make numbers that I can listen to, to practice that partion of my brain.)
Are you looking for individual digits, like 0-9 or complex things like $35.23 (thirty-five dollars and twenty-three cents). I have to look around, but I might have some digit recordings hanging around from a previous job.
I looked at "apkpure", the program used useful for my pause.
I can understand copy an APK from window into the phone, and install the app install into the phone from there..
i am uncertain about requiring a entire program allowed requiring into the phone just to allow a APK allow.
which seems what apkpure looks to require.

what other point is there to to the apk procram, to make the sound programing app more useful to me?
Are you looking for
hundreds, thousands, millions, are the most damaged to me.

the starship launch explosion has LOTS of video of folk rapping of lots of numbers of rocket fun digital, with lots of visual numbers as thing move alongs.
then I can replays the numbers that I am hard to understand until I DO understand.
If you want a dedicated device, instead of a phone, you can have a look at a Zoom Handy Recorder. It's more or less the modern, digital, equivalent of a handheld tape recorder from the days past.