Soyo mobo not posting....


Jul 8, 2003
Soyo P4I865pe plus Dragon 2 V1.0 with a celeronD 320 2.4ghz
I got a call from my dad saying that his computer shut off and won't turn back on, So I get home and start messing with it. When I flip the power switch the fans turn on for a second then go off and the powerlight on the mobo turns red.

Here's what I've done so far:

run it outside the case
run it with 3 different power units
run it with 2 different sticks of ram in all the slots
run it with 2 different cpus celeron D 320 and northwood celeron 2.4ghz, 2 different heatsinks and tried running it without a cpu.
reset the bios
made sure the ram works in other computers
made sure the cpus work in other computers
made sure the psus worked in other computers
tried multiple videos cards, agp pci, ...
made sure nothing was burned up on the board, everything looks fine as usual
made sure no caps were blown
made sure to try a combination of components above in every possbile configuration

Even after changing everything all it will do is bump the fans over like it has a short. Regardless of the psu I used the only way I got the fans to spin was to remove the 4 pin atx12V+ connector but it wouldn't post.

Can anyone think of anything I'm missing? anyone had anything similar happen?
I personally think that the mobo is dead from a short somewhere but am running it by here because It's 1:30 in the morning and I'm dead tired.


Fully [H]
Jun 10, 2005
I've never even heard of a SOYO board :) I'd try to get a new one and see if it helps. Sorry dude.


Jul 27, 2004
Arcygenical said:
I've never even heard of a SOYO board :) I'd try to get a new one and see if it helps. Sorry dude.
SOYO was VERY big with the XP line. Their Dragon Plus boards were some of the best. like todays DFI (well, close to anyways)

ahem.. your caps blew, or the mosfets are fried or something to that effect.
buy a new one. (or if the warranty is still go, RMA it)

Just because you dont see something blown, doesn't mean that its not.
Example: everyone one will say that a sure sign of blow caps are the bubbled tops or oozing, but they can be just a tab bigger, and your naked eye would not notice it. you would have to meter them out to be sure.

if you spent more than 24 hours on this mobo, then you have waisted your time.
mobo cost 100 bucks.. if you worked for 24 hours at 10 bucks, you would have a new mobo plus 140 bucks....


Dec 24, 2005
Turn on the computer and hit the insert key over and over and over. This should bypass the ABR function that SOYO puts on their boards. ABR = "Anti Burn Regulator" This protects the cpu from being fried by shutting down the computer as it monitors the cpu temperature and the fan. I'm not sure if your motherboard has this. I have a Soyo KT-880 Dragon v2.0 and that's how I solve the problem when my computer turns on and immediately shuts down. I then go into the bios to disable this function. Hope this suggestion helps you ;) .


Fully [H]
Feb 1, 2005
I'd think about possibly picking up a cheap replacement at this point. Like someone else said, your time is more valuable than the $30 a cheap replacement would cost :).


May 25, 2005
later soyos--back in the "get a MB for free after MIR rebate" scam sort of have a reputation for being flakey and having sudden MB death syndrome .

i figure your MB just croaked . :eek: