Sony GDM FW-900 help


Jun 24, 2020
Greetings! I hope you're well :).

Since my Sony GDM FW-900 had a scratch on its screen protector, I had to remove it. The colours are undoubtebly better anyway, but I feel it wasn't worth the reflection the screen gets and the amount of extra glow the whites add to the surface of the glass.

Would anyone be able to recommend me a screen protector replacement for it ? It doesn't have to be exactly like the one it had, and it would be great if that's possible to find, but simply something that's not gonna break my bank, and is gonna do the job without being matt to the point of having a grainy/sandy looking screen aferwards.

Or... just send me whatever you know does the job.

I've been having a very hard time finding one for it. All that I could find come with some sort of privacy effect which makes the screen look dark when looking at it from an angle.

Thank you for being here to help me with this, I really appreciate this forum a lot 🙏
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