Some questions about tweaking HP OMEN 17-AN198MS + i7-8750H + GTX 1070

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    Nov 25, 2018
    1. Is the SSD NVME enabled? Product description page says it is, but I see no option to switch from AHCI in BIOS.

    2. Are there multiple BIOS/UEFI in this system? I can't get to it with any key press before Windows starts.

    3. What are my options to expand storage? Spare 2.5" bays and M.2/PCIE slots?

    4. Option for Intel XMP in BIOS? Alternative to tweak memory?

    5. The GTX 1070, is it the "mobile" version or the "regular" version?

    6. Can i7-8750H performance be enhanced? Overclocked? Recommendations for clocks and voltage?

    7. Recommendations for tweaking GTX 1070?
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    Apr 5, 2016
    5.) As of the 10-series of Nvidia GPUs, there is no longer a distinction. The 1070 in your laptop is the same as a 1070 in a discrete desktop card, though of course the laptop model has a more restrictive thermal and power envelope to work within.

    6.) I don't know about your laptop specifically, but I'm able to overclock my 8300h using Intel XTU. It's not a perfect solution since it's software based and I need to run a powershell script on boot to get it to apply my settings without manually opening the software. However, I have no option in the BIOS, so this is how I achieve my undervolt.

    7.) Download MSI Afterburner and overclock the GPU just like you would on a desktop. You may have limited functionality available (I can't adjust power on mine, though I'm unsure if that's because my card is a 1050ti or because it's a laptop). Note that if your CPU and GPU share heatpipes, any more wattage you drive through your GPU is going to heat your CPU in kind. My 1050ti happily holds a +200mhz core offset and +500mhz memory offset, but I had to undervolt my CPU to keep it from thermal throttling during long gaming sessions.

    A repaste of your GPU and CPU with a high quality TIM is a good first step. Happy clocking!
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