Some questions about gtx 1070s

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    Jul 25, 2005
    1. Is the Gigabyte Windforce on par in terms of performance (cooling, noise level, overclocking) with the EVGA and MSI cards? The Gigabyte is cheaper on ebay. The coolers look similar.
    2. Are the mini versions of cards noisier and/or runing hotter due to less thermal power? I assume they work fine at stock speeds though. Zotac mini, Gigabyte mini
    3. Do used card buyers get the remainder of the warranty?
    4. Are water cooled 1070s like the EVGA hybrid or MSI Sea Hawk overkill? I get the impression a 1070 does not need water cooling to get max performance.
    5. The pricing on ebay seems to have MSI and EVGA highest, are those the most preferred brands amoung forum members here?

    Over 1000 gtx 1070s for sale on ebay right now, which is good news for buyers.
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    Mar 4, 2007
    most windforce cards Ive had ran just as cool as any other brand, though I never had a 1070 windforce.
    all the mini cards I had worked very well, though perhaps they did not OC as well. Not enough testing on my end to say definitively.
    Most warranties are not transferable. However, some manufacturers do not require proof of purchase for RMAs, and will do service/replacement as long as card is within warranty period. (I have RMA'd cards purchased used to both Gigabyte and MSI)
    Depends what you call overkill. Some people want a silent rig. I think air cooling for CPUs and GPUs have at least reached the level of low end water.
    EVGA has been a preferred brand for at least a decade. Part of this is excellent service, and the fact that some cards are nvidia PCBs and some people prefer that (founders cards or stock pcbs with 3rd party coolers)
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    Graphics cards react amazingly with water. GPU boost 3.0 means that the cooler you keep your card, the higher it will clock itself. My 1080 (with a base clock of 1607mhz) clocks itself to ~2050mhz and stays there, because it's under a full cover water block in a custom loop.

    With Nvidia graphics card, better cooling actually means better performance, wouldwi the user needing to manually overclock anything.