SOLD - FS: Acer Predator 27" XB271HU 1440P G-SYNC 165Hz IPS monitor $340 shipped


Jan 19, 2006
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I've only got one feedback there, but I just connected my eBay account to it where there's a lot more. Payment is via Paypal and I will ship with insurance.

I've had the Acer Predator XB271HU for almost exactly 2 years. Great monitor, I still have all the packaging and the included cables. I just side-graded to an adaptive sync/g-sync compatible Asus so that I have options on video cards going forward. I'm asking $340 OBO shipped to continental US.




Corsair H100i RGB Platinum SE is sold.
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Bump for you, got two of these bad boys and absolutely love them. Would jump on this, but have a Eve 240hz preordered, if not, would nab
Man this is tempting. Been looking for a new screen for my son and this ticks all the boxes.
I have the XB270HU, it's a great screen. I actually just switched back to it from a larger 32" VA panel because it just looks way sharper and better to me.
i also have this monitor and will keep it til it dies. awesome unit. awesome price.
Asus Tuf monitor

170 Hz adaptive sync and 144 Hz GSync
Bump and also a warning about the Asus Tuf VG27AQL1A. It is so slow to turn on via display port that when booting my computer, I no longer see the BIOS splash screen and the motherboard thinks there is a gpu error, so the vga light on the motherboard stays lit constantly. I'm honestly thinking of returning it for something else. The monitor games great, but after researching, all the new Asus IPS monitors do this over display port.
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