Senn HD600


Mar 15, 2002
Ok I am looking for some really decent headphones for work. Now I have heard great things about the HD600 and the HD580s, however they are open headphones and I am worried that the sound leakage would bother my co-workers.

Do these headphones leak sound badly?

Also does anyone have a recommenedation for a nice set of closed headphones in the ~$200 ballpark? Also no earbuds, I need something really comfortable, and while i like earbuds for walking about, not for all day listening.

Edit: I just found these
Anyone with experience on these?
yes they leak pretty bad. HD280s dont leak and they sound pretty damn good
the A900 sound pretty good without an amp. I used to own one, and they are very comfortable.
I do not mind the amp part. This is not for a portable application. However leaky is bad. I think I like the ATH-A900 may have to give those a try. Unless someone has a really bad thing against them.
this is your daily "I vote for Beyer DT770's" message...

carry on.

Sheesh, we need some basshead smileys here :p

The Audio Technica A900 & Ultrasone HFI-650 are fairly good closed cans in your pricerange, but the DT770 is tops if you can handle the bass! The HD-280 is ok, but sounds far too flat to be interesting IMO.

Well, you could always get the Senn HD-600, get a good amp, and woody them...
the 600 will most likely sound better than the 280hds without a doubt but for around your cost I think a pair of 280's plus a nice headphone amp like a cmoy would be best. The 280hds block out nearly all sound and unless you have them loud enough to make your ears bleed or have your head like 5cm away from the person next to you nobody else will be able to hear them. I just bought a receiver + fancy bookshelf speakers and I will most likely continue to use my 280's.

also for the flat comment, many people find that flat is better than a form of enhanced bass ect. The 280's have a pretty high dynamic range for closed headphones and sound better than 99% of headphones I've used in the past. I like a flat unmolested sound pure to the source,
There's also the Sennheiser HD25-1 NOT HD25SP or just HD25. They run about $170. Very good closed phones.