SAS Raid Card Recommendation?


Limp Gawd
Jul 30, 2012
Hey everyone,

I'm in the midst of expanding storage on my home server (Media Server mostly, streaming 1080p to 2 clients tops over 1Gbps LAN), and I'm caught between 2 different SAS controllers:

1) LSI 9260-8i
Cost: $415 w/ battery module - eBay
- 6Gbps speed
- Much faster RoC processor (800 MHz)
- Internal Ports only (Cannot find an External version - Not that big of a deal though)
- More expensive if I want new with warranty (Like $650 + battery from LSI website)
- Likely used or refurbished (Getting it from eBay)

2) 3Ware 9690SA-8E
Cost: $295 without battery / $445 with battery module
- CHEAP (For brand new with warranty) - These things are less than $300 direct/new from the LSI website
- Full RoC processor
- External ports (I'm connecting it initially to an SE3016 expander)

- 3Gbps speed
- Slower RoC processor (Doesn't say on website, but should be around 266 MHz)

What do you guys think? They both support large capacity drives (3 TB+) and SAS expanders, as well as both RAID 5 and RAID 6. Initially they are going to be used by a WHS v1 machine connecting to an SE3016 expander, with NO RAID. However, I do plan on reusing the card when I upgrade to some other server solution, and want hardware RoC raid capabilities for some RAID 6 arrays.

These are the two that I've settled on because they are of good brand, and I know they'll do the things I want. However, if anyone can suggest alternatives that will do the same things for cheaper, I'm all ears. I have no problems buying off ebay from a reputable seller, as long as the card is of good quality.


Supreme [H]ardness
Jul 24, 2008
Given those two choices, I would recommend the LSI without question. You are buying a RAID card you will likely keep for quite a while, buy the faster and better card now.


Supreme [H]ardness
Dec 23, 2007
Either LSI 9260-8i or Areca 188x series -- preferably the latter, the out of band web based management is worth the extra price alone.