Running VGA extender over cat5/switch


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Feb 26, 2006
im trying to extend vga from a pc to a remote monitor in my house. i have a triplite vga extender that i am trying but it will not work once plugged into a network switch. it will only work as adhoc straight cable. are there any solutions that would run through a switch or is this limitiation to the hardware? Vga over cat5 to a remote monitor

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Cat5 is not necessarily ethernet, and your VGA extender is very unlikely to be ethernet, so an ethernet switch won't do anything helpful. Why did you want to run it through a switch? If it's so you can use cat5 ports that are already hooked to patch panels (and network switches), you could just connect the two ports together at the patch panel.
Sounds like he is trying to run a remote monitor for a system and wants to somehow use cat5, as far as I know you cant, but you could run really long vga cables. like 50 foot
The VGA extender is not ethernet so it will not work when you plug it into any switch, router, etc. It must be a straight run (over CAT5) to the other end of the extender.
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Is there such a solution that will somehow allow me to run a vga signal over cat5/ip configured?
Not exactly what you want, but I have seen some solutions that display a remote desktop on a monitor via IP using a box that plugs into the monitor. I don't recall the name but if it comes to me I'll post. We had monitors throughout the building with these boxes that just displayed a rolling power point presentation. If I was to do it myself I'd just use a Raspberry Pi that is configured to auto VNC to the computer, as that is basically what that box did. You'd need HDMI for the monitor though. Unless you want hardware level access to the computer, that should work. An single port IP KVM type solution might work too, but they are super expensive.
KVM extenders can be bought that can run over Ethernet/IP (have a look at Blackbox, they sell some models that do IP), the most extenders are just a analog signal over a CAT5 cable or better, the ones i use at work can transport USB and 2xVGA over 2xCAT5 or better cables at a range of 300m for the biggest models that we have.
Does the box have a PCIe 2x slot and DVI at all?
You can use a PCoIP card on the PC and a PCoIP client at the remote site, that will work over the network
Would it work if you ran it over a powerline adapter?

If you are talking about your current VGA extenders, No. Like it was said before it is not ethernet so it will not work. You may possible end up frying something if you try.
Yeah I would not plug those extenders in a network switch unless it's IP. Most just use cat6 because it's common so you can just plug both ends in two separate jacks, then patch it directly at the patch panel. You can get USB extenders that work like that too. It's only using the cat5/6 for electrical transmission, it's not actually talking ethernet or IP language.