Question about SLI motherboards.


Nov 10, 2002
If i buy an SLI motherboard like the new ASUS, can i just buy a single video card for now and use it while i gather the funds for the second video card? Or do i have to buy two video cards initially and can only use the motherboard until i have two video cards.


Apr 3, 2004
Yes, actually most people that have SLi mobos usually only have 1 card at the time of purchase. So it's all good.


Fully [H]
Feb 1, 2005
Sometimes the Bios versions on cards bought at different times will give you fits trying to get it to work. Nvidia is supposed to fix this through drivers (don't know if that's true or not), and the new 7800 series is supposed to be able to mix and match vendor cards in SLI.

All that to say, it is easier to setup SLI with cards bought at the same time :). You might need to flash the bios of a video card later.


May 25, 2005
i've built a few of the sli type systems . overall unless you just got to have sli--right now . i figure your better off getting one videocard. then wait and see about getting the others.

the extra pci-express slot is good for lots of other future upgrades besides a sli setup (maybe)

and it is some what more flexable having two slots rather than one.

you can get one 6800gt now--than get another at a later date , or high end get the new 7000's series now --and get another if need be--

or get one x800/x850 now and let the sli stuff sort itself out--lol

but sli just gives more flexability for future upgrades-- right now one of the new cards is better than two of the old cards --and you can get one of the new cards for less than two ultras .

the way the prices have dropped on the 6000 series--you might find some bargins on that second 6800 card in the not too far off future. if you go that road--