Project [Unnamed] VR Mobile Cabinet.


Mar 19, 2006
I'm starting a project but don't have enough pictures or enough finished to post in work logs yet, so here is the plan.

I was inspired by a bunch of seemingly unrelated things at once that have driven me to get back into a lost passion, PC building and case modding. My first PC case was completely custom built and filled with flaws, faux pas, and frag harder disco lights to borrow from the colloquial around here. That was 15 years ago and I now (think) I know better.

I'm extremely near sighted, so much so that I can't use my Vive without my glasses and with my glasses it's pretty uncomfortable. I basically was forcing myself to play. Then I discovered Widmovr prescription Vive lenses and my life has been changed. I now have the lenses and it's literally opened a new world to me within VR. My only problem is that my VR space is in a completely different room (living room) and my gaming PC is in my bedroom. This means I need to disconnect everything, lug my Corsair 540 to another room, drag my monitor behind it, replug in everything including all the power cables for the Vive breakout box etc. This takes anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on what else I have to move out of the way etc. Then I have to cart it all back to my room and re-setup my desk.

This is where my currently unnamed project comes in. [I'll be taking naming suggestions.] I've purchased an IKEA Oppland bedside chest of drawers cabinet and built half of it sans drawers. I'm going to build my current rig into the bottom drawer with a power distribution station in the back for all the components including the VR setup. I'll also be incorporating the breakout box into the cabinet for quick plugin of the Vive. And finally using the top drawer for storage of the Vive and related PC gaming accessories as needed, controllers and the like. Caster wheels will be attached to the bottom so I can make the PC mobile and switch between VR and 2D gaming as needed.

This will be version 1 of the project as my next PC build will also be slated to go into the Oppland. That version will be getting custom water cooling so v1 needs to support my current AIO setup (probably getting replaced for a 120mm wide version) with ability to expand or accommodate future rads etc.

I've gotten past the need for the case to look cool and be lit up like a Christmas tree. I don't need rigid tubing, I need quiet cooling that lets me overclock like a beast.

Any suggestions or ideas are welcome. Critical feedback welcome as well if you can do it without just saying "that's a bad idea", let me know why. I'll update this thread with a link to the work log once I have more pictures. Currently I'm obtaining parts such as motherboard tray and cables etc.
Update: So now that I've got the dimensions down and the parts in the drawer I'm torn between several layout and cooling options. The depth allows me to put the motherboard in either longways or sideways but depending on what i put behind it I could run into cabling issues. I'm planning on putting a radiator in the back but depth is a concern.

Basically I need to decide between a 360mm or 480mm radiator at 45mm thickness or 60mm thickness. Is a 60mm by 360mm radiator overkill for a single overclocked 1080ti and overclocked 4790k?