Project Snowballed .

I should actually report that post , but I've been around here for a while , nothing surprizes me anymore.

Yea , I've had to accept using Aluminum for the res.......I can get the copper , what I can't seem to find is a 400amp TIG machine.
My first round of PSU wiring from Mod-One is installed but no pics on that yet, sorry you gotta wait.



This is the Peltier cooler I've just made for that bottom section

Hand fabricated aluminum resevoir , 5"x2", cooled by 2x 330 watt peltiers:: cooled by 2x TRUE coppers.
1200 watts electrical , 600 watt pump, 2 Kw thermal.

Dude what are those heatsinks?! I love the all copper look, I miss the old style of heatsinks from the socket A days
Thanks Pendragon1 !

That page is wrong...I'm not sure why that still comes up.
The true coppers I own are 100% copper. There is not a stick of aluminum anywhere on these :

(I cut my 3rd one open just to prove it.)



I'm not sure what thermalright sold under that true copper brand......The 3 I bought came in the pearl white boxes....there were only 1000 made or something. They are true copper.
I've dissipated 500 watts thru one of these with shitty fans.

Oh yea !!.....I've finished my reservoir/chiller :
400 ml volume
650 watt Q, digitally controllable
~60 degree delta


I'm doing final installation .
New wiring everywhere,etc.


Just waiting on coolant, then it's go time.
Still a lot of work.

Just in time for Icelake Xeons Baby !!
Welp, it's almost done.
Fully functional, crushes the crap outta everything I throw at it.





Dandy, I hope that's enough cabling cleanup.
The active cooling is not running yet.....after ski season.


Man, white and black mods are really hard.This one has 10 shades of white and probably 20 shades of black.

Hahahahaaha !!

I have the update I wanted !

I have not shut off this machine since the last post. (just shy of 4 years !!)
It's been running 2 video cards folding 24/7.
I've processed several hundred terabytes of 4k video.

I have never looked at, or changed the glycol.
I designed it as a sealed system.

It's shutting itself off now, the watercooling needs maintenance.
1436 days, no touchy, 3 metal watercooling loop.


I'm tearing the watercooling out and going back to air....
I'll get some teardown pics.

I have torn it all apart.


I have loads more pics, will upload.
It looks like algae or rust or both, but no evidence of galvanic corrosion.
The cpu's are out, blocks off, just cleaning out one of the CPU blocks.......


I've had a couple people tell me most AIO watercoolers are good for ~ 3 years....I think I did well.

7200+ pins of danger.jpg

7200+ pins of danger !!

All good, back on air.

Pic of one of the blocks after fittings removed :

Nice filter......
Algae and rust.

Conclusions :

1> The idea that 50% or greater propylene glycol is automatically algae proof is not true. Resistant mebbie......I ran 55% or so glycol is green.
2> always check a "stainless steel" fitting with a magnet. These waterblocks are magnetic, that's where the rust came stainless will rust at any weld, the microchannels in my blocks were spot welded into the garbage stainless plate.

I also have some wierd oil in the glycol.......takin a pic.

Fun project for my first watercooling effort.