[Project] L3p L4n


Limp Gawd
Oct 30, 2010

Finally my next build :)
This time not a scratch build, but a "normal" casemod.

Before i came in touch with the world of modding and watercooling i played a lot with HTPC's
Back then i fell in love with all the cases of Origen AE.
Every time i was on their site, i just had to watch the topmodel.
I knew it was just too expensive for me, also personally i think the 12" touchscreen is useless for an htpc.
But still ... it looks so nice....

Because i won some prizes with "L3p D3sk" in the Coolermaster compo,
and because it was time to prepare my next build i took the step to go for the Origen S21T.
Also because i wanted to build something that is more easy to take to lans then my previous build ^^
Off course this all wouldn't have been possible without the help of Freddy from Highflow.nl
I have also chosen this case because i didn't see it being modded much yet.

So it won't become an Htpc but a real watercooled gamer pc :)

Received the case 2 days ago.
Just had to see how the touchscreen moves and what the red Enermax fans look like in the case :)

The hardware that will probably be used in this case:

Origen AE S21T Black

Intel Core i7 2600K
Asus ROG Maximus IV GENE-Z
Corsair Dominator GT 16GB 2133Mhz CL9 Quad Kit
Corsair Force GT 180GB 2X
Cooler Master Silent Pro M1000 (MDPC Color-X sleeved)

Asus ROG Mars II Custom Fullcover POM/Copper/Alu waterblock by Mr3D & Quepee

Koolance Reservoir/Pump/Controller RP-1000BK Black
Koolance Heat Sink for PMP-400
Koolance INS-FM17 Coolant Flow Meter & Adapter Board INS-FM17

EK-CoolStream RAD XT (120)
EK-CoolStream RAD XTC (140)
EK-CoolStream RAD XTC (280)
EK-Supreme HF - Acetal
EK-DDC X-RES 100 - Acetal
EK-MOSFET Max IV Gene - Acetal
EK-Ekoolant Blood RED 2x

4 x Enermax T.B. Vegas Duo UCTVD14A 140mm Fan - Blue/Red- 1500RPM
1 x Enermax T.B. Vegas Duo UCTVD12A 120mm Fan - Blue/Red- 1700RPM

Lots of Bitspower Crystal links and Bitspower C48's
Bitspower Rad and Fan Guards

TteSports Challenger Ultimate Gaming Keyboard
TteSports Shock One Gaming Headset
TteSports Black Element Gaming Mouse
TteSports Ladon Gaming Mouse Pad
TteSports Battle Dragon Bag


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Limp Gawd
May 26, 2011
I can't wait for finall result!! I think that would be sick like l3p desk. Awesome.


Jan 15, 2011
curious little box.
be interested in what plans you have for it.
must be nice to work with something that doesn't take a forklift to move about...


Supreme [H]ardness
Feb 23, 2009
so those side fans just circulate air but dont pull in any fresh air? seems like with what youre putting in there youre gonna want to poke some holes in the sides. idk how you can match the l3p d3sk, but damn that case is nice. cant wait to see what you do with it. plus all that nice hardware crammed in it! subscribed for sure. :)


Limp Gawd
Oct 30, 2010
Thanks man !
Off course there will be holes AND black mesh in the sides, don't worry :p


Limp Gawd
Oct 30, 2010
Here all the first unpacking photo's.

So first of all i want to thank Freddy from Highflow.nl
He will be the main sponsor of this project again.

I want to use the grey plexi for the top window.
The other plexi is just for playing with it and to find out about different colors.

And the rest of the stuff.

Enermax Vegas fans @ 800 RPM, i hope they will do.
At least they are very silent.

The Koolance stuff still in plastic.

The Koolance Reservoir/Pump/Fancontroller/Pumpcontroller.
Will be completely disassembled later on.

And the Koolance Top + Heat sink (For the looks :p )

Then the unpacking of the case i've been waiting for for over 4 years :)
The blacke Origen AE S21T

She was oh so helpful ... :)

Marco from Cooler Master Nederland thanks for this silent but powerful PSU !

Now we can test some things :)

Here i will create fan holes to cool the radiators.

Again, thanks Freddy !

Bought these from colleague Kier aka Richard 2 x 1 Meter RGB led with controller
Wonderful stuff for modders, also if you want to find out what colours would be best

The idea was to make a complete red theme, but im in doubt now.

To be one step ahead :p

Till the next update
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Limp Gawd
May 26, 2011
Sorry for question, I'm very bussy now and I want to ask you a fast question. How much cost Koolance Reservoir/Pump/Fancontroller/Pumpcontroller? Thanks


Limp Gawd
Apr 7, 2011
Your last build was damn cool. I'm excited to see what you do with this one.


Limp Gawd
Oct 30, 2010
The pump!

This will be the place for the Koolance controller for the pump and fans. I will remove the logo by the way :D

Tested it before i disassemble it.
It works :)

Pretty compact.

Couldn't get the tubes off without cutting them.

Getting the top on it.

And the heat sink. (Yes... only for the looks :p)

Done !

And a small movie of the controller in action. Maybe i will disable that beep, or atleast make it less loud.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbEgUucrG_o"]YouTube - ‪L3p L4n - First tests with the disassembled Koolance Reservoir/Pump RP-1000BK‬‏[/ame]
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Supreme [H]ardness
Feb 23, 2009
yeah that beeping is way too loud. not really a big deal i guess since once you find the settings you like you dont change them much. thats a real nice setup though! i was pretty unimpressed with the head pressure coming out and then you turned it up and i was like :eek:!


Limp Gawd
Oct 30, 2010
Sorry guys, first need some stuff that'll probably arrive tomorrow so i can measure some things :)


May 17, 2006
Started a case mod gallery blog and you are my first post ! :)


AWESOME work by the way!! Definitely keep up the good work!

so evidently my not-paying-credit-card plan backfired on me (when the payment for the domain went through i was like AS IF!!! that card is so maxed out!!) and thus modster.ca is no longer. i could re-register it somehow, but bravenet allows me to make one-time payments with paypal and i registered and am proud of my new web site bit-coin-trading.com. Pretty sure i'm going to put a case-mod gallery on it! And I also plan on getting another domain name that's a bit more smooth and use it as a redirector, something like btc247.com if that wasn't already taken. y'know what i mean? the moral of the story is modster.ca is put to sleep.
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Limp Gawd
Oct 30, 2010
First of all .. my own site and so the L3p d3sk pictures are back online :)
Thanks for all the help Bo and tweakers.net crew !

And received some material !
I'm very happy with it, no i can also measure some more.
You can´t see it very well on photo´s but it´s very narrow all inside.
The Gpu´s are 29.5cm

Didn't have a mouse yet for this build so ordered this one from the asus shop.
Think it'll look good next to it :)

And the the very nice package from EKWB !
Also got the raincoat, no-one wanted it there, but since im from Holland ... :p

Going to use the EK Top/Res instead of the Koolance top, this cause of the limited space i have.
The Koolance heatsink will remain.

Thanks Gregor and EKWB !

Used the hardware from the CM compo to fit some more in.
As you can see, not much space.



Limp Gawd
Oct 30, 2010
Lol, i should call it that way,can i change my title ? ;)


Limp Gawd
Oct 30, 2010
Small update.

Got some good news from Asus.
Just 2 weeks before the hardware will arrive !
Can't wait :p

I've been talking a lot to Kier lately.
We also exchange a lot of hardware and WC products.
Also we ordered @ MDPC-x together, told him i didn't have much time the coming 3 weeks. So he said, send me the PSU with the rest, i'm bored. (Before he started his TJ11 project)

So ... Made by Kier :)

One week later this was on my table :)

Also extra sleeve for the sata cables and some mounting stuff, the rest will follow.

Richard .. thanks a lot my friend, no one who can do this faster and better :)

And the second order @ Highflow.

For the Koolance controller. 2 x Koolance temp sensor and 1 x Koolance flowsensor

Hope it'll go to 5Ghz :)

For in the bottom of the case. 92mm brushed aluminium fans.

And tape, lots of tape to protect the case later on.

Because i only know since a few weeks i have to cool down 2 Matrix cards i ordered fans with 1500 rpm now, think 800 rpm won't be enough.
Luckily i could change the red blades without a problem.

Rear fan replaced, also a black fanguard, screws will come later.

Lets change the PSU too.

Had to change the wiring, the leds didnt work on the low voltage the psu gave to the fan.

So a seperate 12V for the leds now.

All red and 1500 rpm now (max)

Even now still in doubt if i will do the fans on the outside and rads inside or rads outside and fans inside.
Casewindows in the top will be tinted so all the light is no problem.

For future purposes the leds are changeable with one push on the button :)

So again, thanks Freddy for the nice discount !


Limp Gawd
Oct 30, 2010
Finally bought my first dremel :)
(Bargain sale somewhere)

And for all the small future damage i will create with it on different cases :p



Limp Gawd
Oct 30, 2010
My vacation has started and didn't do anything on the case yet :)
I did practise some.

From the start i had the idea to make the fan/rad guard just like the S21T's little brother.

I'm already walking with that idea for 2 weeks now how to do that.
The case is 5mm thick, brushed and black anodized aluminium.
So i guess i can't restore the smallest scratch.
Today i just tried to make such a fan hole in a piece of 6mm thick aluminium.

First had to do some shopping again. (The dremel virus even got me before i started working with it)

piece of 6mm thick garbage measured out.

Still no idea how or what, but i've got to do it with these tools.

Forget about a dremel in 6mm alu :p so lets prepare for the jigsaw.

Only had a bad quality metalsaw, the woodsaw worked better :/

After sawing, the dremel works out fine.

Grinding the edges from the Bitspower radguard. (Starting to love the dremel :) )

Bending the edges a little more.

Tapped the radguard in it's place, in the case itself i will use kit / black glue to hold it in it's place even better.

Painted it black for the picture.
In this picture the guard needed a few more taps.

And this is how i want it .... X 3 :)
Next time further on with how i will fasten the rads/fans.



Limp Gawd
Oct 30, 2010
Been busy yesterday with the mod-attic again (Wife's ... :p )

Also been thinking all day how to fix the radiators to the case on the inside without being able to see it on the outside.

Going to use Velcro around the radiators and going to support them with a few layers of 5mm thick rubbertape.



Limp Gawd
Oct 30, 2010

First of all the nice package from
The footprint on the box did scare the shit out of me but nothing was damaged :)

Because i replaced the PSU fan, i needed another fan, also one to replace the fan blades

Going for Feser Red, liked the colour more. Also some Red Dye to make it darker.

Some extension cables from Cubitek

And ... a cpu lapping kit ;)

Thanks for the nice discount Freddy, this wouldn't be possible without you!

Got me some new sawing blades for the 5mm aluminium.

And assembled the fans to the rads.

Finally could use the black M3 allen bolts.

Want to change this somehow

I think i'll use Bitspower mesh there too.

Fast sketch-up for the radiator placement :)

And the case almost completely disassembled.

Hope i'll ever get it working again :p

And taped it with extra smooth tape. (I'll cry if I'll scratch it :p )

Still need to think of something for it.

Blood red acrylic it'll be

Even Origen AE works with a black marker when they damage something :)

Back to the fanholes.
Pre-drilling first.
Don't mind the drill's brand ;)

Also taped the jigsaw.

Ready to go.

And the first hole is there.

Two to go.

And the third!

Now finish the nice round edges.
Wanted to use the dremel, but got myself my file again, needs to be as straight as possible.

More tomorrow!


Limp Gawd
Oct 30, 2010

Been polishing for 2 hours on the 3 holes to make it as straight as possible with nice round corners.

But finally they fit!

Tape can be removed.

Still need to paint the blank aluminum corners.

Need to be careful with the sawdust, so cleaned it first.

And further on with the plexi front for the Koolance controller.
Taping it first.

Drawing the round corners.

Started off with the dremel again, but the jigsaw won again :)

And again polishing.

Marking the plexi.

And again polishing it.

And it fits.
Next job like this im going to look for a lasercutting company near me ;)

Further on tomorrow!


Limp Gawd
Oct 30, 2010
Lovely weather yesterday, so went out to lap my Cpu :)

This time I'm going to lap it faster then normal.
How to with extensive explanation can be found here:

Cpu still WITH warranty here :)

All you need..

Finding a way to protect the backside of the Cpu since Intel doesn’t
give a nice protection cap any more on boxed s1155 Cpu’s.

So we use marking / painters tape.

I’m using some rubber tape too.
This way you have a better grip and don’t get sore fingers.

Starting with P400.
Only a few “wipes” and … gone warranty. :)
The sanding with P400 is the most important and longest step.
Some people tape the sandpaper to the mirror, but if you hold it tight with your other hand you don’t have to.
Just go from left to right on the paper.
Don’t press on the cpu, just use the weight of your hand.
Every 2 minutes turn the cpu 90° clockwise.

2 Minutes with P400.
Nothing to see yet. :)

7 Minutes with P400.
You can see clearly this Cpu isn’t flat.

Another 3 Minutes with P400.
Total 10 Minutes.

Another 10 Minutes with P400.
Total 20 Minutes.

And another 10 Minutes with P400.
Total 30 Minutes.

You can see the IHS is completely flat copper now.
Now the real polishing comes.

10 Minutes with P600.
Total 40 Minutes.

Skipping P800. :)
Straightly to P1000.

10 Minutes with P1000.
Total 50 Minutes.
You can see it’s already starting to mirror.

Further on with P1500.

10 Minutes with P1500.
Total 1 hour.


10 Minutes with P2000
Total 1 hours and 10 Minutes

Now we need to change our strategy.
First of all clean the mirror and the cpu.
This is because the old copper particles can ruin your polish job by rubbing them into the IHS.
Now you don’t go from left to right with the cpu.
Just move in a circle for 2 minutes and then turn the cpu 90° clockwise again.

10 Minutes with P2500.
Total 1 hours and 20 Minutes.

You can see the copper dust already starts to oxidise.

5 Minutes with P2500.
Total 1 hours and 25 Minutes.
Almost done. :p

Another 5 Minutes with P2500
Total One and a half hour!

Pictures are clickable for full resolution.

Back to the case tomorrow :)


May 2, 2005
CPU flattening and polishing turned out well.

I have a question about the Origen aluminum. Do you have any idea why is shows fingerprints so easily?
The gloves appear to be a necessity rather than just a "white glove" marketing ploy for an expensive case.

Keep up the good work.


Limp Gawd
Oct 30, 2010
Thanks m8!

Well i guess the fingerprints show so well cause its some sort of brushed shiny black.
Just don't touch it with greasy fingers :)


Limp Gawd
Oct 30, 2010

Ordered something last week i could really use today :)

First some holes for the buttons of the pump/fan controller.

Tape so it won't move.

And some holes with 3.5mm.

Wow, it fits :)

Sanded the frame so i can paint it.

Oops almost forgot i also had to paint the edge where the plexi goes.

Glued the plexi.

Bitspower fanguards back in after the paintjob.

And some glue.

Rub it in with a wet finger.

Believe me this glue doesn't let go :)

Next problem, what to do with this..

Ah we'll see :)

Hmm... needs more cutting.

Losing the sharp edges and create some nice roundings.

Paint it black.

Also glued the frame for the pump/fan controller.

Second part of the ex-5.25" slot.

Let's stick the Dremel in there too.
(Not easy to hold a Dremel in one hand and a cam in the other :) )

And more polishing.

Making it rough so i can paint it.

And some fitting.


Lots of work for something you hardly see back, but im satisfied for today.

Time for BBQ! :p