Problems with my new computer...


Jul 24, 2005
Just built this beauty and im already having problems. Boots into windows just fine but sometimes i have a problem where i cant click anything and i have to ctrl alt del and then come back and everything is fine. Even more problems now.

I cant install my sound card. Everytime i do it gives me a web update 6 error and closes. I disabled my onboard sound through device manager and tried installing but that only led to a BSOD.

Firefox is not bookmarking shit!! And for some reason most of my buttons dont work. Like the back and forward buttons are grayed out for no reason at all.

I believe my SSD is in ide mode but i want it to be in the AHCI mode with trim. How can i do this?

Here are my specs
i7 930
EVGA x58 3x SLI
XFX 5870
80GB intel G2 SSD
X-Fi Xtrememusic
CM Scout Case
Corsair TX750 PSU
Win7 Pro 64bit

Built new computer
ALWAYS have problems with my new comps
Help me please!
Fuck this shit


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Dec 15, 2005
Didn't you have a General Mayhem about this issue?

Dude, RTFM on how to change the settings in your mobo's BIOs for AHCI mode. Yes it will require you to reinstall the OS though. Considering the issues you're having, reformatting and reinstalling the OS is not out of the question.

And to make sure that your parts aren't at fault, some basics:
[Testing the RAM]
Download Memtest86+ v4.00 or whatever the latest version is, unzip it, burn the ISO file to a CD, and then boot from it, just like you would do with the XP/Vista install CD. Let Memtest+ run for at least three hours on each stick of RAM separately as well as test the RAM all together. Go for a full 24 hours if you want to be completely sure that the RAM is not a problem. If you start seeing errors, than your RAM is defective or you have incorrect settings for the RAM.

[Testing the Hard Drive]
Download the CD image of Hitachi Drive Fitness Test, burn the ISO file to a CD, and then boot from it, just like you would do with the XP/Vista install CD. Test the hard drive and see if any problems are found. DFT will run on most manufacturers' hard drives. Alternatively, you can use Seagate's SeaTools for DOS to test a Seagate or Maxtor drive. For a Western Digital drive, you could use Data Lifeguard Tools for DOS to test a Western Digital drive.

[Testing the CPU]
Use Prime 95, OCCT, Orthos or Intel Burn Tool to stress test the CPU.

[Testing the GPU]
Use Furmark or ATI Tool to stress test the GPU. If you see any artifacts, the GPU could be overheating, too overclocked, or faulty.

[Testing the PSU]
Buy and use a digital multi-meter to monitor the voltages coming from the PSU. Follow the instructions for "Using a multi-meter to check voltages":

Also read the stickied Basic Troubleshooting Guide.


Jul 24, 2005
Someone suggested I make a thread here because not everyone has a genmay account. Thx for the suggestions. The only thing I'm worried about now is activating win7 with the same key, will it still activate?