Problem installing VMWare Tools on a Windows 7 guest

Apr 1, 2008
I'm trying to complete a Windows 7 installation on WMWare Workstation, everything when I attempt to install WMWare Tools on a Windows 7 guest on WMWare Workstation, in the middle of the install it will give out error messages saying certain services cannot be installed and will need to be installed manually, only to fail at the end and ends with "VMware Tools Setup Wizard ended prematurely". I never had this issue with my previous Intel i7 10700k build and installing it on my HTPC which is powered by a Ryzen 4350g works fine. I tried Googling this solution but nothing came up with results that solves my problem. Any ideas what is going on with my system?
Have you checked your bios settings to make sure virtualization is enabled? that's always a good starting point.
Is the vm fully patched?
Id try clearing the temp folder, running the setup, before clicking the ok that closes the installer, grab the files out of the temp location, then try pointing devices in device manager to the files